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26 November 2010

Shrink and share long URLs.


Shareables is the quickest way to shrink and share long URLs on your iOS device.

Just find the URL you want to share, tap the \"Send to Shareables\" bookmarklet in MobileSafari and pass the nice, shortened URL to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends or even someone over an SMS message. We\'ll save a copy of each shared link in Shareables so you can quickly share it again.


* Shrink URLs into clean, easy to share links
* Share via Facebook using link-style status updates
* Share via Twitter
* Share via Delicious
* Share via Tumblr
* Share via Pinboard
* Share via SMS (iPhone users only)
* Share via E-mail
* View archive of all your previously shared URLs
* Bookmarklet for MobileSafari so you can easily get URLs from your browser into Shareables
* Clipboard support: If there is a URL on your clipboard when you load Shareables, it will ask if you want to shrink and share it.
* Free customer support via email


Third-party developers are able to add a \"Share With Shareables\" button to their app so you can quickly share links to your preferred social services. These are just some of the apps currently sharing with Shareables.

* Instapaper


Shareables requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4


Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store. Instead, to ensure a direct response from us send them to You can also tweet us at We\'re always happy to help our users and receive their comments! Thank you!

What's new in Shareables

Version 1.1:
  • [NEW] Added support for Delicious sharing.
  • [NEW] Added support for Tumblr sharing.
  • [NEW] Added support for Pinboard sharing.
  • [CHANGE] Improved bookmarklet installation.
  • [NEW] Added settings to enable/disable specific sharing services.
  • [FIX] Fixed an SMS crasher.
  • [FIX] iTunes URLs should open as expected now.
  • [FIX] If you copy a shareables URL to the clipboard, it won\'t prompt you to add it next time you launch the app.
  • [FIX] Improved sharing workflow for apps that pass in already shrunken URLs.
  • [FIX] No longer showing a warning if the user has already shrunk the URL.
  • [FIX] Resolved issue where back button would be invisible on Web preview page sometimes.

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