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Bunz Fighter1.1.2

09 November 2010

2D shooter (free for limited time).


Bunz Fighter...Are you tired of poor graphics and repetitive game music? Don\'t worry, this game has 100% original graphics and music. All the planes and backgrounds in this game were created in 3D environment.

This game also allows you to adjust the gameplay, graphic and sound settings in-game to suit your playing style and device functionality. You can have the even nicer graphic effects on a more advanced device such as iPod Touch 3rd Generation.

\"OMG! I failed to defeat the boss, I don\'t wanna to waste my time to play the whole stage again!\" Don\'t worry! The auto-save game progress function of this game can save your time, you can directly return to the saved progress without playing the whole stage over again!

Do not worry even if your gaming skills aren\'t that good. This game provides different difficulty settings for both the casual gamer and the pro-gamer!

There are four unique weapons for you to use, collect the same one to level up it or collect the different one to change it! Some weapons even have special function if you specify the target location for it… (Use your finger to specify the targets)

OpenFeint is enabled in this game. Enjoy the 3 leader boards for 3 difficulty levels and 35 unique achievements provided by us!

Thanks for all the support from all the Lite version players. The suggestions provided by you were very valuable and helpful to us! The full game is now finally released after a long time of diligent development. The game now ready to bring the full excitement and fun to you!

Device Requirement:
Devices not earlier than iPhone 3G/iTouch 2nd Gen. (The loading time on the iPhone 3G is a bit long, please be patient. That is for the smoothest gameplay.)

In the year 3XXX, a mysterious evil force has surreptitiously developed a destructive weapon in Earth\'s orbit which can annihilate any given target. You have been selected to pilot the newest ultimate fighter \"Bunz Fighter\". Your mission is to neutralize the weapon before it devastates the world. Suit up, strap yourself in, and prepare to fight!

If you loved the 194X series, Raiden or other shooter games, you will definitely enjoy this game!

We cannot say this is the best 2D shooter game out on the iPhone, but we are trying to become that :D!

If you have any suggestions, problems or encounter a bug in this game please contact us at bunzgame@gmail.com :D

What's new in Bunz Fighter

Version 1.1.2:
  • Improved game performance
  • Updated the OpenFeint version to the newest one
  • OS4.0 compatible

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