Political Fury: The Knowledge Battle
Political Fury: The Knowledge Battle


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Political Fury: The Knowledge Battle free download for Mac

Political Fury: The Knowledge Battle1.0

28 October 2010

Global knowledge battle pits Democrats vs. Republicans.


Political Fury is the first online based global competition set to determine which political party is the smartest!

Have you always thought that Republicans are dumb red necks who don't know anything about compassion and equality? Do you believe that Democrats are all liberal hippies day dreaming about socialism and puppies and don't know anything about actual governance other than spending? If you are then this game is for you!

HELP DETERMINE WHICH PARTY IS THE SMARTEST by competing in The Knowledge Battle! Go head to head against a member of the other party in an American trivia competition. If you win you contribute points to your party's global score which will help establish your party as the smartest in the land!

The Knowledge Battle meter that displays which party is winning The Knowledge Battle!

The opportunity to destroy a member of the opposing party with your amazing knowledge of America

400+ trivia questions covering a variety of topics like American History and Current Events

Daily polls

Scorecard that gives you a grade on your trivia answering skills

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