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Tuto\'s Nite Light1.2

27 October 2010

Sleep promoter for children.


Tuto's Nite Light is a children's sleep promoter App that can help to ease the bedtime routine for children and parents. Replace that old fashioned wall plug night light with an iPhone® and then sit back and relax while your child falls asleep alongside an adorable animal friend.

The App provides troubled toddlers with the warm comforting light of a night sky to soothe fears of the dark. Children grow weary watching an adorable sleep buddy's eye lids get heavier and heavier as the night sky fades to black.

Selecting the cow on the moon moves the scene into orbit. Touch the moon and learn to count as the cow jumps over the moon with a "moo". A nice addition to the bed time routine.

Application Features:
- Three adorable sleep buddies
- Customizable sleep timer
- Choose color of night sky
- Have the night light fade over time or remain lit until the timer expires
- Pause the timer
- Cute animal sound effects

Busy parents can get a break too. With their phone in airplane mode, and docked or on a stand by their child's bed; there are no calls while the little one is coaxed to sleep. A great use for retired 3G iPhones!

Click through to the Anystone website to view a demo video.

Device Support:
- Universal application which fully supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- Works in portrait and landscape modes
- Retina enabled graphics

What's new in Tuto\'s Nite Light

Version 1.2:
  • two new sleepy forest friends.
  • simple counting game.
  • animal sound effects.
  • and more improvements.

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