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Giant Moto1.2

24 October 2010

Intense motocross action.


Giant Moto...Whether you\'re looking for a quick pick-up-and-play exicting motocross racing experience or races with more depth, Giant Moto has you covered! In Arcade mode you can complete most races in about a minute of intense motocross action. In Series mode you can compete across several racing events for a deeper challenge!

Apple loves Giant Moto:
★ Previously an iTunes \"Best Racing Game\"!
★ Previously an iTunes \"What\'s Hot\" Game!
★ Previously an iTunes \"New & Noteworthy\" Game!

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* * * * * * *
● OpenFeint enabled
● 17 Leaderboards
● Over 60 Achievements worth 1000(!) points!
● 7 Series racing events!
● 10 challenging tracks!
● 4 cycle/rider colors
● Realistic physics engine
● Awesome sounds and graphics
● Challenging AI opponents with 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard) provides challenge for all ages!

* * * * * * *
Turn, gas and boost using on-screen controls. Wheelies and air control with tilt/accelerometer.

* * * * * * *
✪ It\'s all about Boost. Use it wisely to avoid over heating.

✪ Let off the Boost while you\'re in the air to allow cooling.

✪ Boost and Accelerate only work while the rear wheel is on the ground (just like a real motorcycle)

✪ The cycle will only turn while the front wheel is on the ground.

✪ Avoid mud puddles as they\'ll slow you down.

✪ Aim for boost pads as they\'ll speed you up.

✪ Hit the gas/boost right when the word \"GO!\" appears to get an extra boost off the starting line.

✪ Practice on Easy and Normal difficulty before attempting Hard. And most importantly: have fun! :)

* * * * * * *
cnet iPhone Atlas: \"Games of the Week: ...this is a perfect little motocross game. Giant Moto is all about jumps, turbo boosts, and scoring the best time. It\'s reminiscent of the Nintendo classic ExciteBike--but a lot purtier, to be sure. Well worth 99 cents.\"

AppModo: \"Giant Moto takes iPhone motocross racing to the next level with it's highly detailed 3D graphics, physics engine, and killer racing system!\" \"Though there are a million and one tedious physics-based bike \'em ups, there\'s never really been anything as smooth and slick as Giant Moto.\"

Patrick, age 8: \"I love these jumps!!!\"

touchArcade: \"I can\'t wait to get my hands on this game, as I\'ve been waiting for a truly excellent Excitebike-like game for the iPhone.\"

Max, cynical teen: \"Yeah it\'s really cool.\"

148apps: \"Giant Moto is a fun, faithful homage to the video game classic Excitebike, providing players with an improved, updated pick-up-and-play arcade racer that stays true to the original.\"

What's new in Giant Moto

Version 1.2:
  • Now iOS 4 compatible! And still works on 3.0 and up!
  • Added OpenFeint Leaderboards & Achievements!
  • Added Racing Series - race multiple tracks and try to beat the best times!
  • Bug fixing and tuning throughout

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