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29 May 2019

Innovative task management solution.


Firetask Pro uniquely combines the advantages of classical priority-and-due-date-based task management with GTD.

  • Stay focused and on top of your commitments - Firetask Pro's "Today" view shows all relevant due and next tasks in a single, clear overview. Due tasks only appear when becoming due within the next days, next tasks only if they are the first next task of a project or if marked as flagged. This helps you to focus on your most urgent and important tasks.
  • Manage your tasks in a project-oriented way - Firetask Pro is project-oriented. Every task is part of a project and the order of next tasks is defined within each project. This helps you to break down your unnumbered tasks into manageable units and it helps us to provide you with a more focused view across all your commitments.
  • Efficiently enter and delegate your tasks -Entering a number of tasks in Firetask Pro is as simple and fast as writing a view lines of text. There is no need to take your hands from the keyboard. Assign projects, categories, priorities, due dates and even delegate tasks via "tagging" using the # and @ characters.

What's new in Firetask Pro

Version 4.1.5:
  • Now includes a French user interface localization

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22 September 2010

Most helpful

Just some quick comments after playing around with this for a bit: 1) No way to add files to a task 2) Areas and projects cannot be created on the fly 3) A bit clunky to add tasks or projects (the use of drop down menus makes entry slow) 4) Nice interface 5) More intuitive than most apps of this sort 6) Not worth the price 7) No quick entry shortcuts from other programs that I could find
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Version 1.0.1
26 August 2018
The current version is 4.0.8
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Version 4.0.7
27 November 2017
It's extremely hard to manage tasks with Firetask-Pro. I'd like to have a free pro version with limited capabilities to try it out more though. So, I had to switch to another task management app before my trial ended. I know it's not a good practice to review after using 10 days but I'm not open to trials or anything in this era. That's why I switched to an easier and free app like Hitask. Sorry guys at Firetask but I have to rate a 3-star for you.
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Version 4.0.4
05 April 2014
Higly recommended, tons of features, easy to use (with a learning curve) and support by the developer himself. It may not be for you but there is a 14 day trial.
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Version 3.6.1
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30 April 2014
I still don't like the syncing system of Firetask very inefficient and almost has a failure rate of 50% when syncing.
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07 January 2014
I used Firetask on ipad iphone and mac from august until a week ago. The sync crashed 4 times! And i fixed it 4 times. All my 4 devices are synced with the same account. iMac in-tray 10 Mbp in tray 13 iPad in tray 17 iPhone in tray 20 The support doesn't mail back. And yes i checked my spam.
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Version 3.5.3
25 August 2013
The deal-breaker for me is the app's weak print formatting -- it's basically just a screenshot, with none of the superfluous UI elements stripped out... in other words, the printed list is too cluttered for easy scanning. Things dies a much better job in this area. Yes, folks, some very tech-savvy people still prefer to use printouts -- quick access & update, compact, and no worries about breakage from dropping it!
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Version 3.1.1
09 August 2013
This will be a short review. I like Firetask. I found it fairly easy to use and generally uncomplicated for my needs. The one huge problem with this app though is that I can't sync it with my Android phone. As I looked for workarounds, I discovered a statement from the developer saying that they will never develop an Android app because Android users are less willing to pay for an app (apparently!). Fair enough, I suppose. If the app could just propagate Calendar, that would be enough for me. I could then at least view my to dos on my phone... but no. :-( So, I started using Producteev and then they messed up their app. Now I am without a GTD client. Sad story, I know.
Version 3.1.1
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25 September 2013
I tried Firetask as well as many others and I found Teambox to work pretty well. They also appear to have an Android app, although I have not tried it since I have an iPhone.
08 August 2013
I got this in a bundle last year and bought the iPhone app to go with it. After about 6 weeks and having the syncing stop working three times (necessitating deleting tasks to find the task or category that was preventing syncing), I gave up. I repeatedly managed to include a forbidden character in my tasks or categories (there is more than one forbidden character and the app does NOT warn you when you use one ... it just stops syncing or starts syncing unreliably and changing the name of the task or category doesn't work, only deleting). The developer was quick to respond, but not much help as the solution was to erase tasks I had spent quite some time entering and he could not tell me which characters were problematic so that I could avoid them. I now use Wunderlist, which is free and has many features that Firetask doesn't. A To Do app with an unreliable iOS app is not useful to me (your workflow may vary).
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Version 3.1.1
05 December 2012
After working with OF for years, I got tired waiting for v2.0 to appear. The old OF user interface is really way out of date. After playing with about a dozen alternatives, I found FIRETASK fits best my requirements, is easy to handle, has all functionality needed, is easy to navigate and use, is not as complex as OF is, but also not as lean as Things is. To switch from OF to Firetask is also easy: just drag and drop your tasks. Last not least: When you work with a piece of software on a daily basis, it also looks nice and appealing. Wish list: Subtasks. Attachments.
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Version 3.0.1
13 November 2012
Ok, so it has checklists now. But how do I use them? I see in the Tasks menu "Save as checklist", but save WHAT as checklist? Where is it saving whatever I am saving as a checklist, AND how do I access it after it has been saved somewhere? This app is too confusing to help me actually get anything done. Needs to be able to create Project Templates for the same types of projects that I handle repeatedly. I thought checklists might help me there, but can't figure out how to even see them. And a note to the Firetask team, you need to actually put helpful info in your Help. All I see when I open it is a ridiculous cheat sheet.
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Version 3.0
15 April 2012
It is a good attempt. Firetask is not perfect but with the addition of the iPad/iPhone app and syncing it makes up for many shortfalls. I like the fact that it's not too complicted. There's nothing worse than having to spend days working out a program and how to use it. I hate the fact that you can't use the normal European date system. It forces you to use the rather stupid month / day / year setup which if you're not American is pretty useless at best, confusing at worst.
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Version 2.2
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26 April 2012
European date format works in Firetask for me, no problem
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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later
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