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27 August 2010

Touch to create a vortex of color and motion.


Little Uzu for the iPhone/iPod Touch is based on the the award winning Uzu for the iPad. A re-imagined control scheme allows for Little Uzu to have all the fun and complexity of Uzu for the iPad, but in a smaller space. Little Uzu has most of the animation modes from Uzu along with 3 brand new modes exclusive to the iPhone/iPod Touch!

****** DESCRIPTION ******

Technically speaking, Little Uzu is a kinetic multitouch particle visualizer. Really it's a sort-of math-physics-art-toy for anyone who ever loved spirographs, fireworks, planetariums, lava lamps, light sabers, pen lasers, tesla coils, christmas lights, or graphing calculators.

Points of light will shoot across the screen and fly to your command, twirling in a vortex of color and motion. Freeze and move Little Uzu in 3d space while contorting spirographic curves with your fingers. Little Uzu lets you quickly switch between 11 different modes of real-time animation by simply changing the number of touches you\'re using. You can spend countless hours discovering the many unique ways of playing and interacting with Little Uzu.

****** CONTROL ******

Little Uzu will respond to up to 5 touches. The 1, 2, 4, and 5 touch modes are always the same. In order to have more than five total modes, the 3 touch mode is comprised of eight different modes that cycle each time you lift all your fingers off the screen. This means that you can change to a different 3 touch mode by lifting all 3 fingers and putting them back down. Switching from 3 touch to 1, 2, 4, or 5 touch will keep the same 3 touch mode active.

****** ANIMATION MODES ******

0 Touch: Brownian motion and boundary wrap
1 Touch: emanate and radiate
2 Touch: pinch attraction and boundary bounce
3 Touch: (a)vortex, (b)inverted vortex, (c)radial vortex, (d)dual oscillator, (e)spiral, (f)spring points, (g)radial spokes, and (h)oscillator spokes
4 Touch: 3d freeze and translate
5 Touch: change color and particle size

****** UZU ON TWITTER ******

****** UZU ON FACEBOOK ******!/pages/Uzu-for-the-iPad/117462304963357

****** SUPPORT ******

If you have any problems, questions, or stories you would like to share, please feel free to email me, and I\'ll answer as soon as I can.

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Touch to create a vortex of color and motion.
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