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NetBook for iPhone1.0

26 August 2010

Tool for network administrators.


NetBook is a perfect tool for Network Administrators or just for people who has a lot of computer to manage. This application will keep records for all systems or users to manage.You will have all information about your network in your pocket always.


Want to check if one of your servers is online? just PING it; A user has forgot his e-mail password? ... just open the application and you have it. One of network printers in your office doesn\'t work correctly? ... just go to it HTTP server and make the right configuration ...Want to add a new system to your network and not sure about the IP address to assign?... no problem , NetBook will let you know if you have a conflictive IP address...


- Keep records of User Information:
*Email Address
*Email Password
-Keep records of Systems Information
*IP address
*MAC address
*NetBios Name
*Admin Username
*Admin Password
-Filter entries by Name, by Username, by Email address, by IP, by MAC address, by NetBios Name.
-Search function for easy finding of an user/system in large networks.
-PING an systems IP address.
-HTTP to a IP address.
-Email to a user from network.
-Send user data by mail.
-Passcode protected application
-Detect conflictive IP address, Name, Username or Email

*Thanks to my brother Alex for precious hints in developing this application.

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