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iChooser provides information on every current Apple product, to help you choose the right one when deciding what to buy.
What's New
Version 1.6:
  • Massive text cleanup thanks to Pete Finn
  • All product sections taken out of start case
  • UI tweaks
  • Sparkle framework no longer supported
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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iChooser User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Mark Everitt reviewed on 29 Jan 2011
My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Whilst I acknowledge that the Apple website will be biased in favour of their own products, it's still a better resource than this. I doubt there are many mac users for whom this will be useful. Perhaps it could be useful for a first time buyer, but then again I'm being extremely diplomatic.

Frankly, this is a stupid idea for an app. You could have built a website with the same information in a fraction of the time, and you'd reach more users with it. It's really ugly too; centre aligned text in paragraphs and links that don't link.
[Version 1.6]


Lacwbo commented on 29 Nov 2010
If all you whiners don't appreciate this app, then don't use it. After all it isn't as though you are paying for it! Some people just were born to whine.
[Version 1.5]

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James-D replied on 29 Jan 2011
These comment sections don't exist only for praise. If an app just completely sucks, then it deserves to be flamed. If an app is decent but has a few niggling issue, these comments are the place to point them out to other potential users.

It's one thing when people just flame an app and don't give a reason. GEOPROF gave very specific examples of why this app is a failure, and he was right. This isn't bashing the devs effort or skills, it's bashing the results - and the results deserved bashing!

Msintosh commented on 29 Aug 2010
@GEOPROF As developer of iChooser, I completely disagree with your review. I put all the words in caps to clean everything up, but if you insist I will change it. In version 1.1.1 which I am currently working on, I have corrected over 30 grammar and spelling mistakes. My comments are all informative and true, as they are based upon facts on Apple's site. You are also completely off, as I devote all my spare time to Macs, and use Mactracker like a survival guide. I own nine Macs and can rattle off specs easily on almost everything made in the last few years. iChooser is not meant to compete with Mactracker. It is different in that it suggest Apple products, rather than listing technical information. If you noticed, I have few tech specs, and more product information. In the future iChooser will help you choose products even better. Give me a break. This is my first attempt at making a program and to bash it so severely is uncalled for. It's called version 1.1 for a reason. Mactracker has been around for years. It should be polished. This is brand new. Give it a chance.
[Version 1.1]

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GeoProf replied on 12 Sep 2010
OK, some good points. However, a version 1.1 is expected to be at least the SECOND version AFTER the beta -- not a beta release itself. The S.O.P. is to number beta releases BELOW 1.0. I didn't know that version 1.1 was actually a beta because they aren't supposed to be numbered higher than 0.9.9.

Good luck.


GeoProf reviewed on 29 Aug 2010
This app has no redeeming qualities of any kind. And before anyone flames me for saying that, please download it and see for yourself. Every last bit of text in the app AND on the developer's website is written in "start case," which is the capitalization of the first letter of ALL words regardless of their part of speech. This, together with the dev's poor English skills (though I believe him to be a native English speaker), make it excruciatingly painful to read his verbose comments about every Mac currently in production. Furthermore, his comments - if you can read them - are rambling, vague, uninformative, and in some cases just wrong.

I cannot understand why anyone with such a limited understanding about Apple products and such poor linguistic skills would consider developing an app that would directly compete with the polished and professional MacTracker, especially when that app would only cover current Macs but MacTracker covers all Macs ever made. Enough said.
[Version 1.1]

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Revinriley rated on 02 Apr 2011

[Version 1.6]


James-D rated on 29 Jan 2011

[Version 1.6]

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Date:29 Jan 2011
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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iChooser provides information on every current Apple product, to help you choose the right one when deciding what to buy.

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