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Sword of Fargoal1.7

23 August 2010

Classic dungeon adventure with random map generation.


Welcome to Sword of Fargoal, the classic dungeon adventure with completely random map generation so it is different every time! Embark on your quest to rescue the Sword of Fargoal, hidden deep within the dungeon on the 20th level, and make it out alive before the walls begin to collapse around you!


5-Stars - Selected as one of the \"Best iPhone Games\" by TouchArcade\'s \"2009 Buyer\'s Guide\"

\"Just spent some quality time with it, i\'m hopelessly in love\"

\"This game is really worth its price and even more. There are games you pay 5 to 10 bucks for and they aren\'t nearly as addicting as Sword of Fargoal is. I hadn\'t more fun with the last RPGs I played.\"
- Fans from TouchArcade forum

"Sword of Fargoal is one of the best loved roguelike games ever to light up a CRT … Those who\'ve never played a dungeon crawler before might just find themselves drawn in to Sword of Fargoal."
- TouchArcade

"Fargoal has been beautifully polished in the visuals department without getting too far from the original game\'s quirky charm and retro stylings ... It\'s playable and addictive, perfect fodder for the iPhone / iPod Touch, and certainly one of the best mini-adventures you can get."
- iPhone-Gamer.net



FREE updates with thematic "Episodes" and new App icon (like "Pocket God"). Also, next release will have in-App purchases with new dungeon tile sets, including the original C64 version tiles!


✔ Completely randomly generated - different every time!
✔ Over 20 Dungeon levels & 100 unique dungeon maps per game
✔ Over 28 monster types with special abilities, weapons, & spells
✔ Hidden traps & treasures, gold, spells & potions
✔ Subtle 3D dungeon with cool "retro" top-down map
✔ Full zoom, tap, & swipe intuitive on-screen movement
✔ All original music by British composer, Daniel Pemberton
✔ Animations by Emmy-winning animator, Charlie Canfield


★ TouchArcade.com Says:

In its 1996 anniversary issue, Computer Gaming World listed the game as #147 in the \"Top 150 Best Video Games of All Time.\" It has been inspiration for many dungeon crawlers created since...

It features completely redone graphics utilizing OpenGL ES to add depth to the stony visuals. It allows for pinch-and-spread zoom control to focus on the action at hand and features an optional on-screen mini map to aid in negotiating the twists and turns of each dungeon level.

But, really, what makes the game so well suited for the iPhone is its casual nature as compared to the typical roguelike. And that\'s not to say the game is shallow or light on dungeon crawling action, but rather I feel it\'s simply a bit more accessible to the typical gamer than, say, Nethack, Moria, or Rogue thanks to an economy of controls, spells, and the like.




Sword of Fargoal® is a Registered Trademark of Jeff McCord. Original Sword of Fargoal design, Copyright © 1982, Jeff McCord. Sword of Fargoal for iPhone, Copyright © 2009-2010, Fargoal, LLC. Pocket God & other Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

What's new in Sword of Fargoal

Version 1.7:
  • iPhone 4 (retina) display support
  • High-res game graphics for newer hardware (iPod gen3, iPhone 3GS)
  • Fixed a problem with background music
  • Fixed a problem with video flicker
  • Fixed an upside-down keyboard
  • Added some sound effects

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