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23 August 2010

Easy to use to-do task manager for iPad.


Manage is a beautifully crafted, pleasantly easy to use to-do task manager application for the iPad.

This simplified stand-alone iPad task manager app combines a visually rich interface with user friendly Apple Standard navigation.

Encased in a polished bronze box with mesh and metal trimmings, Manage is an animal-free leather bound GTD app that\'s easy on the eye and light on the wallet. Inside is a simple and easy to use attractive interface to manage your tasks, organize priorities and schedule due dates.

Type or scribble your task, Manage comes with four colored pens for writing and two highlighters for different priority settings.

Email a simplified version of your list or export a PDF version with your colorful scribbles, annotations and flagged priorities

== Inside Manage ==

- View tasks by due date, priority or completed
- Calendar for due dates
- Badge Notification for due tasks
- Pen to scribble or annotate over notes
- Highlighter to flag urgent tasks
- Notes on tasks for additional information
- Checklist for task list
- View and undo completed tasks
- Re-arrange your lists in the order you want

== Pocket Reminder ==

Convenient little pocket reminder of all pending tasks from every list. Flick up or down to see a list of all the tasks or select a task to edit directly.

== Scribble ==

- Scribble your notes or annotations with four different colored pens.
- Flag urgent tasks with the two different colored highlighters.
- Erase scribbles or undo highlighters with the eraser tool.

== Export ==

Email lists straight to your inbox as a simple text or as a visual PDF document with all your scribbles and annotations.

== Future Updates ==

Kerofrog will be adding more features including general updates to continue the development of Manage.

== We want to hear from you ==

If you are experiencing any issue with Manage or just dropping by, please contact or visit

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