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19 August 2010

Finance application with flexible interface.


RunningTotal...This is not The Man\'s finance application. Does some bank droid need to tell you what the balance is on your debit card? Even if they wanted to do it out of simple humanity, do you you think that they would? Who is paying them? Think about it.

Welcome to RunningTotal, an alternative to all that. Sheesh. We\'re simply better than the rest of them.

But we must digress, for a simple reason: not only are we better than anybody else in functionality and accuracy, but we probably hold the record for the most stable and reliable finance app ever to grace this platform. You got a problem with that? Let us know.

RunningTotal is a fast, robust and legible tool for keeping track of financial accounts. These could be bank debit card accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, expense accounts, or anything else that requires you to keep a record of money going in or going out. It is reliable, and it is private. Just say no to organizations that require access to your personal financial data in order to let you keep track of it on your iPhone. We\'re not one of them. Your data is yours, unless you choose to email it to someone else.

RunningTotal was designed for flexibility. YOU decide how the account info should be displayed, both in the summary screen and in the detail screens. With a best-in-class integrated help system, and a collection of sample tables provided with the app, you\'ll be off to a flying start. Why should you have to say, \"What\'s supposed to happen?\" We want to anticipate the question and answer it before you ask.

A brief listing of some other features:

- the best, most intuitive numeric data entry keypad on the planet.

- integrated automatic internal backup system that detects database errors and corrects them, and lets you know when there might be a problem.

- not the usual dry narration.

- a storage area for accounts that haven\'t been accessed recently, so that you don\'t have to delete them to reduce the inevitable clutter.

- edit dates whenever you like, for current or past transactions.

- display of account limits (e.g. credit card limits) in both the detail screens and the main account display screen if you choose.

- an in-app email system for mailing tables to an address of your choosing, with Preview option and status display.

- an obsessive attention to detail. There is blood on every pixel.

In user testing, RunningTotal would generate an \"Aha!\" Nothing could make us happier. It\'s what we wanted, and we hope you enjoy it.

Every time we start RunningTotal, we smile. You will too.

It just works. This is software you keep.

You can find many more screenshots on our Web site.

Future versions of RunningTotal will require iOS 3.0 or greater.

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