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Convert PDF documents into editable spreadsheets.   Demo ($29.99)
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PDF to Spreadsheet Pro uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition) and document analysis to convert PDF documents into editable spreadsheets. It supports all types of PDFs including ones that have been scanned from a physical document.
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Version 1.3.5:
  • Added support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Gazzmanzx6 reviewed on 26 Sep 2010
I was looking for something to convert a PDF scan of a work shift pattern to a format I could easily alter. This software does that very easily and with very few errors.

The thing I did find was, that if I changed the values in a cell to correct an error, when I clicked save it saved the uncorrected data to the spreadsheet.

Other than that a great piece of software at a good price.
[Version 1.3.2]



Cealus reviewed on 20 Aug 2010
Sorry folks. This is not ready for prime time. I tried a 16 page file that was an MSWord file saved out as a PDF. Although PDF to Spreadsheet could open the file and view it, it took forever to process just one page. Nothing was shown on the screen other than a barber pole. The image then turned to black. Pressing the convert button said it was processing but this also took a long time -- several minutes just for one page! Then there was no way to see the result, since the trial version doesn't allow saving -- not even one page. I tried the same file with AnyBizSoft PDF to Excel converter using Windows emulation, and it flew through the file and the output was perfect. Too bad, the Mac community needs a native PDF to spreadsheet converter, but this isn't it. At least not this version.
[Version 1.0]

5 Replies

Web Lite Solutions Corp. (developer) replied on 20 Aug 2010
Thanks for taking the time for the review. A couple of notes in reply:

1. In all of our beta-testing it generally took 10 seconds to 30 seconds per page for conversion. If it is taking longer on your computer I would be interested to see what the PDF looks like as longer wait times are not typical.

2. The trial does allow you to see the result as a spreadsheet within the application, with resizable rows and columns and editable cells. The only thing it doesn't allow you to do is export the result into Excel or save it to disk.

3. The use case where this software really excels is on scanned ledgers that wouldn't work through the Windows software that you specified as it requires optical character recognition. The fact that the PDF that you tried was produced by MS Word would make me suspect that the content itself was not a spreadsheet, and thus wouldn't be a good fit for this program. This program is specifically designed to work with tabular spreadsheet content and produce an editable spreadsheet from that content. For flowing documents (e.g. MS Word input) you may want to check out our other application PDF OCR X which produces text from any image or PDF input.

Cealus replied on 20 Aug 2010
No. The table is 10 columns of numbers with about 25 rows per page and header information on each page. The original file is output from a minicomputer. The problem is that the output that is generated and dumped into a MSW file uses frames around every number, so it looks fine on the screen and will print. You just can't manipulate the data in Excel, since a copy and paste produces a mess. Text conversion and importing doesn't work either. Sorry I can't send you the file since it's proprietary, but I never even saw the detection of rows and columns. The image just turned to back after about a minute.

Cealus replied on 20 Aug 2010
So I see you put out an update to version 1.0.1 to address the black image problem. Great, but you failed to update the About box and info window. Now at least I can see what PSP wants to do. Too bad column identification isn't correct. I see the red horizontal and vertical lines but can't adjust them in any way. So what's the point?

You also need to work on program's stability and speed. The competition (on the PC side) is a lot faster. At the very least, you need to add an open window command to the file menu because if you close the main window there's no way to re-open it again short of quiting the program and re-starting. Sorry, still stand by my original rating, but encourage you to keep working on this program. We need it.

ChristopherPrice replied on 20 Aug 2010
The dev offered a quick and thoughtful reply to your rather harsh review. Why not contact them directly to see if they can help with a solution for your unusual scenario instead of continuing to bash their new product as it comes out of the gate? "you failed... too bad... what's the point... you also need to..." Are you serious?

Cealus replied on 21 Aug 2010
Christopher -- You are correct in that my criticism was harsh and to some degree I regret that, but still would very much like to see this product progress and succeed. I believe the points I raised are valid and the scenario I used to test the software is as easy as it could be. No having to guess on oddly shaped characters because of a scan. This is direct sans-serif block number output in clear straight columns. The speed and stability are what I would expect in a less than 1.0 commercial product, so I believe their beta testers let them down. I will try to carry the conversation on with them privately, but have not had much success with that with other developers in the past. Public posts usually get the best action and attention.
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Gazzmanzx6 rated on 08 Dec 2010

[Version 1.3.4]

Version Downloads:614
Type:Business : Spreadsheets
Date:28 Jul 2012
Platform:Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $29.99
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PDF to Spreadsheet Pro uses advanced OCR (optical character recognition) and document analysis to convert PDF documents into editable spreadsheets. It supports all types of PDFs including ones that have been scanned from a physical document.

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