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15 August 2010

Turn your photos into GameBoy pictures; free for limited time.


GameBoy Camera...FREE for one day only! Get it NOW!

Don\'t you sometimes miss the 90s?

Get ready to float back in time! Back to the nineties when the Game Boy was the SH***T. One of the most successful handheld gaming consoles with 100+ million units sold!

Unlike the device in your hand, the Game Boy had a screen resolution of 160 by 144 pixels and a greyscale palette (actually it was more like greenscale) of just four shades.

In 1998, Nintendo launched a camera accessory to the Game Boy called - Game Boy Camera. With it you could take awesome retro looking pictures. It was used to make the album cover pictures for Neil Young\'s Silver and Gold album!

Now you can turn your iPhone into a Game Boy camera!! Using the iPhone\'s built-in camera and your photo albums, GB Camera brings your reality right back into the wonderful world of 8-bit gaming! It lets you see things in new light... A digital, green LCD light.

GB Camera emulates the 2-bit color scheme of the GameBoy and uses a simulated resolution of 160x120 to make the pictures fit perfectly in your photo albums. When saving a GameBoy image to your phone, GB Camera stores it as a pixellated 1600 by 1200 image so that it\'ll look great in your photo albums and work perfectly as a wallpaper.

GB Camera lets you fine-tune your images and see the results in realtime. You can adjust green balance, brightness and contrast. You can toggle pixel spacing to get the right LCD look. You can also switch dithering on and off. With dithering turned off you get a rough, blocky retro look. With dithering turned on, GB Camera will attempt to shade the picture by mixing pixel patterns of different shades. Choose the settings that best suits your shot!


+ Use of built-in camera
+ Import from photo albums
+ Save to camera roll
+ Realtime settings preview
+ Green balance
+ Brightness
+ Contrast
+ Dithering on / off
+ Pixel spacing on /off
+ Authentic GameBoy color palette
+ LCD pixel emulation
+ iPhone compatible image resolution


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What's new in GameBoy Camera

Version 1.1:
  • Fixed an issue when running OS4

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