4.9 06 Sep 2013

Accounting and estimating for small businesses.


Developer website: Turtlesoft

Goldenseal is accounting and estimating software for construction companies and other small business.

What's New

Version 4.9:

Bugs fixed:

  • Bill of Materials: doubled items from Project Phases
  • Checking Transactions: Weird record display for first transaction in new account
  • Contracts: printed forms give errors for contracts made from some sources
  • Deposit Funds: sometimes shows already-deposited rental transactions
  • Error Message: problems loading a line
  • Estimates: Bad quantities in Labor Hours report, for items in Project Phases
  • Estimates: Cost Summary misses some labor hours
  • Estimates: Cost Summary saves record before showing report
  • Estimates: crashes during warning for price changes, with auto update option
  • Estimates: Taxable status is not saved for line items
  • Find Command: searches with Any Match return duplicates
  • Job Costs: project cash income too high if a deposit covers multiple projects
  • Multi-User: client crashes upon sign-on, in Macintosh OS 10.9
  • Multi-User: connection errors for Macintosh users
  • Payroll: penny rounding errors for wages and commisions paid, on W-2 forms
  • Printed Forms: can't add a new table to a form
  • Printed Forms: company name & calculations not filling in
  • Printed Forms: headings and comments are included with dollar amounts
  • Projects: bad Paid on Account amount after using Clean Up record
  • Rental Units: problems adding from multi-user client
  • Rental Transactions: amount erased when change payment method
  • Reports: scrolling problems for Mac Intel
  • Reports: some details not saving in Custom Layouts, for custom reports
  • Reports: Unpaid Sales does not show correct items
Minor changes and improvements:
  • Breakdown Tables: warning for more than 400 lines removed
  • Estimates: Fill Down fills in the category color
  • Estimates: fill in quantity when line item padlock is clicked
  • Estimates: better handling of locked quantities in line items
  • Estimates: padlock column gray in awarded Estimates
  • Expenses: better handling of recurring instant payments
  • Interface: transparent buttons
  • Macintosh: better handling of modifier keys
  • Macintosh: Xcode and SDK updates
  • Multi-User: client computer gets recent window positions from server
  • Payroll: better handling for multiple tax tables (mostly for British Columbia)
  • Payroll: post payroll taxes from Payroll Records
  • Sales: saves line items with zero quantity
  • Save a Copy: removed temporarily from Macintosh version
New features::
  • Payroll: annual minimum cutoff for Tax Items
  • Reports: reminders by item report


OS X 10.4 or later


Current Version (4.x)


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06 Sep 2013
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