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11 August 2010

Automators, workflows, and handlers for iCal.


iCalDoit is a collection of Automator Actions, Automator Workflows, and AppleScripts handlers, to bring more ease of use to iCal workflows.

included actions:

  • get iCal selection
  • get events of a calendar
  • get events from... to...
  • get uid of iCal objects
  • make a favorite event
  • move events by offset
  • repeat events more or less often
  • change object information
  • calculate duration of event
  • total duration of events
  • filter items by type
  • set iCal view options
You will need basic knowledge about Apple Automator (or AppleScript) to take advatages of iCalDoit.

What's new in iCalDoit

Version 0.4.5:
  • two new actions
  • started support for csv formatted data
  • several improvements
  • bug fixes

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