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Harry Potter: Spells1.5

04 November 2010

Duel with your magic wand.


Harry Potter: Spells...AVADA KEDAVRA...
The Facebook fans have spoken and the new spells are here - including one of the three Unforgivable Curses. Select "More Spells" from the main menu and download Today!!!


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\"I\'d give it a billion stars if I could!\" - User Review

"A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Best app on iTunes!" - User review


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Transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a magic wand and get ready to duel!

You are officially invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Once enrolled, receive the wand destined for you before being Sorted into one of the four houses by the Sorting Hat. Then using specific hand gestures for each of the 17 included spells, practice, practice, practice before experiencing the ultimate contest - DUELLING!

Compete against the computer or challenge a fellow classmate to a real-time duel - player versus player, casting spells from one device to the other. Earn valuable house points for your house while learning, practicing and duelling. Visit the house points section to view your official stats and global ranking. Finally, share it with the rest of the world by posting it to your Facebook page via Facebook Connect.


· 20 Powerful Spells - Stun your opponent with STUPEFY or disarm them with EXPELLIARMUS, and many, many more

· 17 spells included in this premium version with one additional spell pack available from the all-new "More Spells" option in the main menu
§ Spell Pack #5 - AVADA KEDAVRA, MORSMORDRE and REPARO... with more spell packs to come!!!

(Note - Spell Packs #1 - #4 are included in this premium version)

· 2 Control Schemes:
· Touch-Screen - Use your finger to draw shapes on the screen to cast spells.
· Motion Controls - Draw shapes vertically in the air with your device to cast spells.

· Intense Duelling Action:

· Single Player - Cast spells against three different difficulty levels
· Multiplayer - Challenge a friend to a duel and cast spells from one device to the other in real-time encounters

· Authentic Experience - From visiting Ollivanders to being sorted by the Sorting Hat

· Practice Makes Perfect - Tutorial system educates and trains, grading you on your spell casting performance, thus unlocking spells as you go

· Monitor Your Ranking - Keep an eye on your wins, losses and House Cup rankings to be the strongest wizard in Hogwarts

· Share With Your Friends - Post your Harry Potter: Spells stats on your Facebook page using Facebook Connect


Ranked #13 in Babble.com's Top 50 iPhone apps for kids

"The visual quality is as good as anything Xbox or Wii has to offer and the sound effects are a festive bonus." - Macworld (5 stars)

"The graphics will delight any wannabe wizard…" - The New York Times (Harry Potter Spells was among the "Favorite 14" Apps of 2009!!)

"The graphics in Harry Potter Spells are fantastic, and this is a terrific wizarding experience for fans of all ages." - Babble.com


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What's new in Harry Potter: Spells

Version 1.5:
  • Spell Pack #6

    • WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA levitates objects.

    • CRUCIO causes great pain to your opponent.

    • IMPERIO controls your opponent's mind preventing them from attacking or defending themselves.

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Stay up to date with everything Harry Potter by receiving push notifications directly to your device!!!

  • ALL-NEW DEATH EATER SKIN: Unlock all 23 spells to skin your menu screen with the new Death Eater skin

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