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Create your own music using QTMA.   Demo ($49.99)
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Easy Beat is a music authoring program that uses the QuickTime Music Architecture (QTMA) to play songs. If you have a MIDI adapter and an external synthesizer, you can take advantage of your special hardware, too. easy beat was designed to be easy to use (hence the name). You can have up to 16 song tracks plus a metronome track, multiple views of individual trackers, MIDI import and export, 128 built-in instruments, WYSIWYG editing, real-time recording, and more.
What's New
Version 2.2.1:
  • Maintenance release that fixes a number of user-reported bugs and improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

*Previously available here

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ver. 2.x:
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Andrew Shand reviewed on 18 Aug 2005
Easy Beat is great value, and I find it really easy to use with it's drag system. There is one tiny problem, and that's when you try to put in a note, the 'select notes' window sometimes comes up, which can make Easy Beat annoying to work with. Otherwise though, if you are looking for an un-complicated, easy to work with piece of software for Midi Sequencing and editing, I advise you choose this program. It's great value for money. If only it imported from Garageband, it would make my midi sequencing a lot easier.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Jul 2005
this is the BEST midi sequencer i have ever seen for the mac. if you want it so you can print out your own scores, forget it because it doesn't bar group the notes right, but as a midi editor its brilliant.

the program is very easy to use and HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL. i love how its so easy to change the instrument to a track and you can view all tracks at the same time while toggleing the view of each infividiual track between the view options (score, drums view, keyboard view, etc). that's so handy.

program can save as MIDI, AIF and MOV which is also really useful for editing the final track in other programs.

i'd recommend this app to anyone, even music pros.
[Version 2.2]

Caseyfern tipped on 03 Jun 2005
I highly recommend sending an email to Macility's technical support if you are experiencing a problem of any sort. Their staff bends over backwards to assist users in solving problems unique to their situations. I've run easy beat on numerous machines in different OS and configurations, over a variety of upgrades and have not experienced problems such as you are describing. .
[Version 2.2]


Caseyfern reviewed on 03 Jun 2005
Warning - this is long, but I mean every single word.

A few years ago, I was searching for a way to translate my songs to something I could actually hear, after years of scribbling down my compositions in my own made-up code and struggling to interpret these into my amateurish keyboard and guitar efforts - marginally satisfactory but since I don't read music well, it was the best I could do.

Then I found easy beat.. and I could barely believe how much power is hidden within. I was skeptical, but after a very short use period, I was converting songs I'd written decades ago into something I could hear, tune, perfect and replay.

Just to make sure, I did some serious testing of several other products which touted similar capabilities. After less than a week, I gave up and committed to easy beat entirely. There is not a better music composition software product available for the Mac.

At first I thought sixteen tracks was going to be a significant limitation, but the more I worked with easy beat, the more I realized that this is no problem whatsoever, and I have been able to compose and export richly orchestrated compositions without even once feeling that my efforts have been restricted by the software. Everything about the program is intuitive and smooth - from its graceful interface, to template and inserting bars, duplicating bars, add tracking and setting controller enhancements on each independent of another.

Most of my compositions run five to six minutes long, using six to seven tracks. They work, because easy beat works - and works seamlessly and intuitively. The tools I need are either there right in front of me, or easily within reach. Reading the manual is fun but not at all required - I was up and running full speed within a few minutes of launching easy beat the first time.

Over the years of use, I have had no problem moving my composition masters from one version to the next, and their latest (2.2) is at this moment playing one that I initially wrote while OS 9 was the latest and greatest thing. It sounds as rich and sweet as the day it was first composed - whenever a new version comes out, I load this master and play it as my benchmark. Sure enough, it works perfectly.

I'd like to see a few things added, like Open Recent and a Preferences panel, and have suggested these recently. Perhaps in future those minor conveniences will show up. Trust me, they're not desperately needed - the product works perfectly as is.

I've been using Macs of one flavor or another since they first hit the street, and have lived through hundreds of encounters with software developers and tech support staff. Some encounters have been great - some not so great. But I can honestly say without a doubt that Macility tops them all. When I see a product come out with their name on it, I do not hesitate to reach for my checkbook. Their fees are reasonable, and their support is at the professional level I have come to expect for a product costing ten or twenty times the low license fees they charge.

The very few times I have found myself stumped and had to call for help from Macility's support team, I have been entirely satisfied. Their responses are always swift, accurate, polite and complete - and with the utmost respect and concern. In one case, I had added a setting in Controller to an entire score where I should have placed the setting on one or two notes. The results was not good, and I wasn't able to do a full export and conversion to MP3. Their representative looked into my song file, found the problem, fixed the problem, sent the song file back with a full and highly understandable explanation of what the problem was, what the fix was, and how to avoid the problem in future. Now that, folks, is customer service.

So, bottom line: get easy beat. If you compose music seriously or as a hobbyist, get easy beat. If you have a tune running through your head and want to hear what it sounds like to the rest of the world, get easy beat. You will not be disappointed - ever.
[Version 2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Jun 2005
Garage Band, Garage Band, Garage Band.

Easy Beat refuses to run, complaining that it needs some font to be installed, and then it quits. If it needs something to be installed, it should install it. Having said that, why doesn't it just use an embedded font?

GB does MIDI and live recording, it has a notation editor. Easy Beat supposedly lets you print out your notation scores, there's other software for that anyway.

I'd suggest staying away from this software until they can bring it up to MacOS X standards. From the screenshots it looks like a poorly ported OS9 or windows app anyway.

Seeing as it refused to run due to it's inability to instal files which were apparently essential for it to function; I gave it a 1 star review.

Take note that iLife '05 (which includes Garage Band 2) is only $59 for students.

Also, check out Audacity if you're looking for a free app to do live recordings in.

Happy trails fellow mac users...
[Version 2.2]

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Andrew Shand replied on 18 Aug 2005
You need to install the font that comes with it in the download package, just double click on the ftt file.
Has that solved your problem?


Jsearl reviewed on 04 Apr 2004
This is a quite exceptional product which any musician or aspiring musician should try.

Just occasionally a program comes along that immediately feels like it ‘fits’, and is elegant, intuitive, unbloated and highly innovative. Easy Beat has all these attributes.(the last program I can remember feeling like this about was the early ClarisWorks!)

Just a few highlights:

Easy Beat’s note-entry scheme puts other sequencer programs to shame (no fiddly set of tools, just a cursor which changes depending on your actions). The drum view is a brilliant tool for writing beats. The midi set-up is incredibly easy - it worked first time for me (compare to almost any other sequencer!). The printed scores are excellent. The wonderful way you can change time signature by stretching the first bar time indicator, lengthen bars to see more clearly, and... a hundred other things.

Easy Beat’s support is second to none: I received a reply to a query within two hours! I finally read the (superb) manual for pleasure - I didn’t need it to use it to understand the program.

Easy Beat is permanently installed on my iBook (works great on an 700 G3). After trying it for three days I bought a licence. I am a professional jazz musician in London (and have no connection with the company.)

Garageband, for those wondering, is a very different beast: the programs are not in competition and I use Garageband occasionally. (If anyone wants me to expand on that I’d be happy to be emailed.)
[Version 2.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Jan 2004
Its great. Thats what I was looking for all the time!!
[Version 2.0b2]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Jan 2004
Nooo waaay. I've been waiting for *years* for this to be updated for OS X! I thought it'd never happen. Amazing.

Great app, too. Pricey, but worth it for an absolute amateur guitar player like me.
[Version 2.0b2]

J@ffa1 commented on 12 Jan 2004
Can you say "GarageBand"?
[Version 2.0b2]

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Anonymous commented on 14 Mar 2004
It seems a nice app to me-I checked it out as a demo.It's nice to have it and garageband i think.If you have a G3 thats running only 300mhz speed then it's fine to use.Garageband needs more speed-at least 500mhz or more and a G4 is a good bet to play more tracks at the same tim with no glitches. In the end you might like the Tascam US-122 bundled with Cubasis better if your a intermdiate guitarist/composer.Or ProTools Free for Mac.But why limit yourself? easybeat is cool to have.
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Version Downloads:7,004
Type:Multimedia Design : Audio
Date:30 Aug 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $49.99
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Easy Beat is a music authoring program that uses the QuickTime Music Architecture (QTMA) to play songs. If you have a MIDI adapter and an external synthesizer, you can take advantage of your special hardware, too. easy beat was designed to be easy to use (hence the name). You can have up to 16 song tracks plus a metronome track, multiple views of individual trackers, MIDI import and export, 128 built-in instruments, WYSIWYG editing, real-time recording, and more.

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