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Calcuccino Programmers\' Calculator free download for Mac

Calcuccino Programmers\' Calculator1.0.0

04 August 2010

Calculator for programming, engineering, and scientific use.


Calcuccino is a programmers\' calculator that uses the iPhone\'s menus and swipe gestures to improve on the conventional calculator. The result is a powerful calculator for programming, engineering and scientific use, with big buttons for fast and reliable entry.

Swipe across the interface to perform common tasks and reveal more information. Swipe the LCD to view the value in a different number base, or scientific format. Swipe the favourites buttons to reveal 15 user-definable buttons. Swipe the main calculator buttons to reveal the interactive ASCII table.

Calcuccino has all the functions you would expect from a programmers\' calculator. Shifts and rotates. Variable word sizes from 2 to 64 bits. Signed, unsigned and floating point arithmetic. Binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Bitwise logic. Recent history. It\'s also a fully featured scientific calculator with sin, cos, tan, logs and square root. All wrapped up with gorgeous graphics.

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