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Safari extension for displaying Google Image Search results.   Free
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With GoMBoX installed, clicking on Google Image Search results brings up a lightbox viewer rather than taking you to the page (and away from your search). works also with new Google image search version.
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Version 1.2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
  • Intel
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Safari 5 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Bugsman (i Zap Germs) commented on 16 Aug 2010
All credit to any developer who adds a useful shareware or free utility.

I just think that developing this for Safari only on Intel machines only is a waste of time. The free* CoolIris plugin (Firefox/Safari/IE (Windoze)/Chrome) is simply miles ahead. And it's Universal.

*for how long it remains free remains to be seen!
[Version 1.0.1]

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Ubahnverleih (developer) replied on 16 Aug 2010
GoMBoX should also work on PPC, but I can't test this, becouse I've no PPC-Mac. It should run on every Safari 5

Jimblue commented on 13 Aug 2010
i'm just sitting here patiently waiting for an extension that puts my daily downloads in a dated folder for that day.
[Version 1.0]

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Zo219 replied on 23 Sep 2010
Won't SafariStand do this? I think so.

Jimblue replied on 24 Sep 2010
can it? Glims did a great job of creating a dated folder -- like 9/20/10, 9/21/10, 9/22/10, etc. -- inside the Download folder. i stopped using glims though, because while it does all sorts of great stuff, i'm just trying to run safari as lean as possible these days.

i saw some freewares here at macupdate that do create dated download folders inside the download folder but haven't gotten around to tracking them down. it is for some reason not so much on my to-do list as it was when i said what i said.
Roro01 commented on 03 Aug 2010
So far the only extension I found useful is Exposer. All the others, in my opinion, are junk!!!
[Version 0.8]

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Zerroeffect replied on 04 Aug 2010
I think WOT and Coda Notes are very nice extensions as well and this one certainly has its place. Of course, it's up to opinion, like you said.

@The Author: Thanks for sharing.

Gary W. replied on 08 Aug 2010
I somewhat agree; I've installed numerous extensions and usually end up uninstalling them after realizing -- I don't really need this, and it just adds to the clutter. GoMBox seems like it might be useful for some people who work a lot with images, and I think I may try it. But of course think about how many regular applications you bypass, and how many you try and also realize that's really not what I need or want to clutter my system.

When I went to the Apple extensions page, I looked in vain for some kind of facility for registering suggestions, so developers might see what's needed/wanted by most people. I hope they put something like this in someday.

Here's my suggestion: Since Glims hasn't done it, even though they said they "put it on their list", how about a button to enable a "search this site" function? I know you can type site: and so forth, but searching a site you're on is something I think most people often want/need to do. Not all sites have a search box, and it seems you often get better, or at least different results using google search this site.

The extinct Acidsearch used to have it, and Camino I believe has it. But nothing for Safari AFAIK. Here's hoping.

Or -- if someone knows the right phrasing to use to create a custom search in Glims -- perhaps it's as easy as that.

Lookin2it replied on 18 Nov 2010
To the reply of Gary W (forgive my naivety, if such is the case) - Do you mean like using Control "F" and then entering search string on any active web page?

Gary W. replied on 18 Nov 2010
No, I'm talking about searching the site, not the page.
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Rosenkrieger rated on 28 Apr 2011

[Version 1.2]

Version Downloads:664
Type:Internet : Plug-ins
Date:27 Apr 2011
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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With GoMBoX installed, clicking on Google Image Search results brings up a lightbox viewer rather than taking you to the page (and away from your search). works also with new Google image search version.

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