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Celtx Script1.0

01 August 2010

Mobile screenwriting app that syncs with Celtx.


Celtx Script - the iPhone/iPad screenplay app made for scriptwriters who use Celtx.

Celtx Script is the only mobile screenwriting app that syncs directly with Celtx - the world\'s most popular scriptwriting and pre-production software.

Now its easy to start or continue writing a screenplay from any location, at any time, using your iPhone or iPad, or your desktop, netbook or laptop.

* Full featured screenplay writing application.
* Built in Celtx Sync for making remote backups and direct syncing with Celtx desktop software. Sign in with your Celtx or Google account.
* Smooth and rapid scrolling through long scripts.
* Full element toolbar - Scene Heading, Action, Character, Dialog, Parenthetical, Transition, Shot
* Element transitions match Celtx desktop software.
* Preserves script markup from Celtx desktop software.
* Auto-populating Character and Scene elements.
* Quick jump to Scene number for rapid script editing.
* Double tap \'spacebar\' to jump from Action to Character.
* Email scripts as text files.
* Universal app - purchase once and use on both your iPhone and iPad.
* Developed by the Celtx development team.

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