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28 July 2010

Discover and share great websites on your iPad.


StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 10 million+ other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like automatically shares them with like-minded people - and helps you discover great sites your friends recommend.

How Does it Work?

StumbleUpon uses ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. When you stumble, you will only see pages that friends and like-minded stumblers have recommended. This helps you discover great content you probably wouldn\'t find using a search engine.

What's new in StumbleUpon

Version 1.30:
  • Share directly with your StumbleUpon friends.
  • Receive shares from your StumbleUpon friends.

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