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28 July 2010

Drop-down platform game with RPG elements.


DungeonCore...There is a giant dragon living in a giant dungeon in the deep underground of the Fantasy world.

Every time the dragon kidnaps the princess. And the princess that dragon caught is amazingly beautiful.

Rescue the most beautiful princess beset by the dragon!! It's every guy's desire who is born in the Fantasy world.
Slay numerous monsters and take a journey to the deeper and deeper dungeon to save the beautiful princess. Are you ready to start the big adventure?

-Game Features-

*Best addictive game ever; When you start the game, you
won't be able to stop until the battery runs out!

*Have fun changing the game by your own strategic item
build order!

*Dozens of cute items

*Equip a new item to change your character's look
(Customize System)

*Various multi-ending system

*Easy to control and convenient interface

*Mega fun with unlocking hidden items from various

*Network rank system using Openfeint

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