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28 July 2010

Fast trip planning for pilots.


OnTime brings simple, fast trip planning for pilots to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Rather than spend time creating a complex flight plan, OnTime gives you a quick way to estimate trip durations, local departure and arrival times and fuel requirements based on a great circle route.

"This is a great tool for pilots, OnTime gives me the ability to immediately provide the information my passengers need. So when a passenger needs to be at a meeting in Paris at 10am on Tuesday, I can tell him in seconds what time weʼll need to leave New York."
- David Lee, Chief Pilot, Falcon 900

Quickly search the on-board database of over 27,000 airports, select your departure and arrival airports, then just enter when you\'d like to leave or when you\'d like to arrive and OnTime calculates the other!

Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, and takes the work out of figuring out local times when crossing time zones! Gives you accurate estimated trip distance (great circle route), duration, and fuel required.

Seek, and ye shall find...
Quickly search the on-board database of over 27,000 airports by ICAO, IATA, FAA ID, Name, or City!
- ICAO and IATA ID, Name, city, state/province and country
- Current local time
- Day/night indicator

Details at a glance
Quickly get details for any airport. You can instantly see:
- ID
- Beacon type
- Elevation
- Magnetic Variation
- Time Zone
- Latitude and Longitude

Want more? Simply tap the AirportGuide button and get airport diagrams, runway info, frequencies, hours of operation and more!

Customize for Your Aircraft
OnTime lets you quickly and easily define
- Average cruise speed
- Desired fuel units
- Fuel burn rate first hour, and remaining
- Time and fuel bias - standard adjustment for taxi time

What's new in OnTime

Version 1.2
  • Updated airport data
  • Airport detail now includes facility type (including airports, heliports, oil platforms, ships, sea plane bases and more!)
  • Airport detail now also displays usage indicating if the facility is public or private
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the time zone abbreviation to incorrectly indicate daylight savings time

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