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13 August 2011

Get instant notification of e-mails, tweets, and RSS feed updates.


Push is an iPhone/iPod/iPad application that acts as a client for the Apple Push Notification Service. We support push for Twitter, GMail, Google voice, RSS, and more! We also support multiple accounts. multiple devices, and we do not consume your Twitter API calls. Use our ready-made Twitter, Gmail, Mail and RSS notification services to instantly receive new tweets, search results, emails, RSS feeds, or create your own custom notifications with our simple REST API.


Currently, you get email push and API push when you buy the application, you can buy Twitter push and RSS/Atom push through in-app purchases. You can also buy unlimited access which include any number of Twitter accounts and RSS/Atom feeds, and will include any upcoming features (we are currently working on including Foursquare).


This is a list of known bugs, we're focusing on fixing them as soon as possible for you.

Subject headers for Japanese characters don't work, we're working hard to fix this as soon as possible, will not require an application update and fix will be available soon.


Visit http://help.appnotifications.com/ for support, we're really looking for your feedback, and feature request. We care a lot about our users, this application is for you.

We CANNOT respond if you post your question or problem as a review, please send us a duplicate at support@appnotifications.com so we can reach you for asking more information. Before you buy this application, *READ* our FAQ on our website, and our blog, they have important informations you should be aware of.


Non exhaustive list:

  • all settings are in-app, and available on our website.
  • check push latency from the application
  • send yourself notification from the application, for test purpose
  • silent hour / sleeping mode during specified hours
  • Facebook notifications (you must bounce your facebook emails for this to work), opens the Facebook iPhone app.
  • Twitter DM in a second (Hint: Using Push does not affect your Twitter account's API rate limit)
  • Twitter Public Timeline
  • Twitter Public replies
  • Twitter lists
  • Twitter search on specified keywords, as many as you want!
  • GMail notifications (Hint: we do not need your GMail credentials, isn't it lovely?)
  • RSS feeds notifications
  • Mail address, everything sent to it is notified to you, and bounced to your account email if you want to
  • 17 different sounds available for notifications, you can define any service with a different sound
  • Full JSON/XML API to send yourself notifications, you can define *everything* through the API, the button's value, what it does when you click on it (open a browser, Mail.app, just view the notification, etc), the sound, silent mode or not, priority, a longer notification, etc.

    And more...

    ��' Tip: We currently support the following Osfoora, Twitter client : BirdFeed, Echofon, Echofon Pro, SimplyTweet, TweetDeck, Tweetie, Twinkle, Twittelator, Twitterfon and Twitterrific.

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  • What's new in Push 4.0

    Version 4.0.75:

    New Feature:

    • Receive pushes for Twitter Favorites and Followers
    • Sending the twitter ID when replying to Tweets, to keep the discussion history (in_reply_to_id)
    • New Twitter oauth if you want to receive push for DMs
    • Performance improvement
    • Crash when tweeting a RSS feed on iPad
    • Sharing on Facebook on iPad works
    • Silent hour wheels working on iPhone

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