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01 October 2010

MacFamilyTree on the go.



Your complete family tree on your iPhone or iPod touch: MobileFamilyTree 2 is the ideal companion for our popular Mac genealogy software. Gather genealogy data whenever and wherever you want.

MobileFamilyTree allows you to view, add and edit information anywhere you like: manage your genealogy data in MacFamilyTree on your Mac, download MobileFamilyTree to your iPhone and do a first sync - then, you\'re good to go! Changes to your family tree, either on your iPhone or your Mac, will automatically be synchronized between both applications, allowing you to work efficiently, independently, without risking to lose changes and avoiding extra work.

Browse or search your entire family tree intuitively. Add or update a person\'s record. MobileFamilyTree even supports pictures and offers a graphical, interactive \'Context View\' to easily navigate your family tree. Once you\'re home again, quickly synchronize everything with the MacFamilyTree database on your Mac. Over the air. No cables, no barriers. MobileFamilyTree works just like you would expect from an advanced iPhone application.

MobileFamilyTree 2 introduces a plethora of new features and improvements. Create new persons and families inside your family tree, assign to them Events, Sources, Notes and Media files. These can either be from your iPhone\'s or iPod touch\'s Library, or if at a family gathering, simply take fresh snapshots of all family members present at the buffet.

But that\'s not it by a long shot. Surely, you have used the Virtual Tree before to shed an entirely new light on your relationships. Starting with version 2, MobileFamilyTree can do exactly this for you.

MobileFamilyTree 2 requires a fully licensed installation of MacFamilyTree 5.6.3 or any newer version of our popular Mac genealogy application. You can purchase MacFamilyTree 5 online or from your next Apple Store.

A demo video is available

A wireless network is required for synchronization

What's new in MobileFamilyTree

Version 2.5.2:
  • Several Bugfixes for iOS 4
  • Search improved
  • Faster load time

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