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Train Conductor 2: USA1.0

19 July 2010

Action game where you control locomotives around the U.S.


Train Conductor 2: USA...The HUGE sequel to the critically acclaimed Train Conductor ★★★★★
Take control over locomotives barreling through famous America locations in everyones favorite action game. THIS IS NO SIMULATION - JUST SUPER FUN!

Train Conductor 2 is easy to play and challenging to master. Watch out! It\'s incredibly addictive!


\"Train Conductor 2 is addicting, chaotic fun\"

\"The game oozes with charm and polish from every corner\"

\"Make no mistake: Train Conductor 2: USA is a must-own game on your handheld.\"

\"It's a mere 99c ... and completely worth every penny.\"

\"The gameplay in this app is phenomenal! I\'m totally addicted to this, and I just cannot put my iPad down because of it. It\'s challenging enough to keep you coming back for more, but easy enough so you don\'t feel like it\'s a hopeless cause. Can\'t wait to show it off to my friends!\" - Joey702 - Satisfied User


Train Conductor 2: USA takes place in 5 gorgeous locations across the United States. Each presents its own unique twists and challenges.

✔ Miami Beach - Control the Metromovers on monorails (aka skyrails)
✔ Grand Canyon - Connect steam trains over the gorge; deliver trains before they fall into the canyon!
✔ New York City - Deliver subway trains on the authentic color-coded New York City lines 1, 4, A, Q and S. Route around the authentic subway pillars between the tracks!
✔ Nashville - Control Ghost and Demon trains that turn the Country Music Capital on its head
✔ Las Vegas - Save the pink and green ghost trains from Hector \'The Fare Evader\' and his dastardly traps
✔ New Train Conductors can learn to play in the Trainyard. It\'s that simple.


- Steam Trains
- Monorails
- Ghost Trains
- Skull Trains
- Electric Subway Trains
- Super Long-Haul Trains
- Gold Rush Trains
- Trains With bombs!


✔ High score alerts, special things happen when you beat new scores, and when you beat your friend\'s scores.
✔ Improvements over the original: a different look for stopped trains, new menus, simplified HUD, new SFX, new train models and weather effects.
✔ Share stories with friends on Facebook
✔ Challenge friends on the Facebook leaderboards
✔ Each level is so different people say it feels like 5 games for the price of one!
✔ Endless play brings varied traffic conditions to each city. It\'s always exciting!
✔ Lovingly created soundtrack: including 80s Futurist Techno, \"twisted\" Country, and Nu-Jazz!

AND PLENTY MORE! - Start conducting today!

Watch the Train Conductor 2 trailer at

*** Notes from The Voxel Agents ***
- Expect updates regularly. International leaderboards, awards and new levels are on their way!
- The iPad graphical issues have been fixed and an update is about to arrive (with international leaderboards). We are continuing to work on the iPad graphics and they will be improved with each update.
- We are now 100% carbon offset. Thanks for helping us get there!

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