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19 July 2010

Access videos and more content on the iPad.

Overview for iPad...If you like and just can't get enough Cracked content on that giant iPad screen of yours, then this is definitely the app for you. If you don't like, shame on you. Download this app anyway and see for yourself why Cracked is the fastest growing humor site on the internet.

The Cracked iPad app provides you with everything you need to make you happy in life except for rent money or mortgage payments (we're working on that for our next release). Frustrated that you can't watch Cracked videos through Safari on your iPad? We've solved that problem for you. Do you want a much easier way to navigate through our Photoplasty contests? We've built a very elegant slideshow experience. Want to view our articles all on one page? You get that with this app as well. Do you enjoy us asking questions on your behalf and then answering them for you? Of course you do.

And of course, the app still features all of the mind blowing facts (did you know a zombie apocalypse is scientifically possible?), pop culture analysis (who's the greatest Batman of all time?), and info-graphics (a body map explaining what your neck tattoo says about you to prospective employers) that made Roger Ebert refer to us as "smart, funny and cool."

This app includes:

* An easy to navigate, fast loading feed featuring our latest content - with the extra second per day that we save you, you can finally spend that quality time with your family.

* Exclusive Editor's picks, a daily updating feed of the best of our thousands of articles, hand selected by Michael Swaim, Robert Brockway, Dan O'Brien, David Wong and Jack O'Brien.

* A gallery view of the latest Photoplasty Contests.

* Our most popular and recent videos in high quality optimized for your iPad viewing pleasure.

* A view in to the Cracked break room, which will be updated frequently so that you can catch up on our latest obsessions (like robots, drinking, and drinking with robots).

Fans are already lining up to get the Cracked iPad app and saying:

"If you can only own one app - and I don't know why that would ever be the case because apps are plentiful and so easy to download - this is the app you should own." - Inventor of mobile apps

"There is no doubt in my mind that this app will one day win an award… when people actually care enough to have an award show for this kind of stuff." - Academy Awards voter

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