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FutureU: The SAT Prep Game


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FutureU: The SAT Prep Game free download for Mac

FutureU: The SAT Prep Game1.0

12 July 2009

Multiple game styles for SAT preparation.


FutureU: The SAT Prep Game...No Pressure. No deadlines. Just a whole lot of fun!

Introducing a painless new way to prep for the SAT. Sharpen your critical thinking skills, build relevant knowledge and reduce test anxiety. futureU takes the concepts, theories and formulas behind the questions and turns them into a collection of fun, interactive games that feature curriculum from Kaplan, the leader in SAT Prep. Study on your own time and for however long you like. There's no easier - or more fun - way to become a better problem-solver, boost your confidence and up your SAT score!


  • Get the inside track on tackling the big test with curriculum from Kaplan, the SAT prep experts.
  • Explore tons of questions that improve core knowledge of the test material through fun games - no memorization necessary.
  • Track your progress with a scoring system to discover specific areas of need and to boost overall confidence for the big test.
  • With several game styles that cover the test material, there is something for everyone, including those just craving a challenge.
  • Play and learn at your own pace with no pressure.
  • Strengthen test-taking skills that will help you on the SAT, in your college experience and in life.
  • Perfect fit for today's student. futureU will be enjoyed just like any other game on the computer.

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