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Hot Dog Down a Hallway1.8

24 November 2010

Fire dogs fresh from the sausage grinder.


Hot Dog Down a Hallway is exactly what it sounds like: fire a hot dog fresh from your sausage grinder as far down the hallway as you can, flying over fans, bouncing off bushes, spinning chandeliers, grabbing gloves, and keeping clear of crabs.

"Hot Dog" adds a new spin to distance-shooting games by giving you control over the object in flight. Tilt the iPhone to rotate your hot dog out of harm's way or to give it a bit of extra bounce, but be careful not to lose too much energy!

How long can you last? It may feel strange the first time, but once you've finished, you'll want to do it again and again!

Just like your favorite console games, "Hot Dog Down a Hallway" features an award system. Can you collect them all? Some might appear harder than others. Here are a couple of examples:

● Can't feel the sides: Fly through the air for 75 feet without hitting anything.
● Double bag it: Hit a floating glove while already wearing one.

Great for fans of "Kitten Cannon", "Ow My Balls!", "Pee Monkey", and "Drunk Sniper".

What's new in Hot Dog Down a Hallway

Version 1.8:
  • Wearing a glove while hitting a crab gives you a boost!
  • Newest version of AGON
  • Spiffy new icon!

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