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05 July 2010

Find police officers, speed cams, toll booths, and weigh stations.


Spot A Cop...Have you had enough of getting tickets? Then SpotACop is the app for you! This new cop and law enforcement locator for iPhone devices will alert you to those times when there's an officer, weigh station, speed cam or other items of note around. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today!

18 Wheeler
"This app's alright. I drive a truck for a living and it has saved me from a few tickets. I will give a dollar just so I don't give Uncle Sam a hundred. It\'s my job to drive and I'm only trying to make money so anything I can do to keep from getting a darn ticket!!"
- Mr. Speedy256

Normally, you try not to go too far over the posted speed limit but this morning (like several others lately), you're running behind. You're going to be late and incur the wrath of your boss - again. That's all that's on your mind as your foot puts more pressure on the gas pedal.

You're so busy thinking about the upcoming embarrassment and stress that it takes you a moment to realize that there's a cruiser beside you. You're being ordered to pull over. Yes, you're about to get another ticket and be even later for work. What a start to the day.

If you have SpotACop on your iPhone that may never happen to you again. This cop and law enforcement locator can let you know where those radar traps are and issue a warning so you can decide to slow down or take an alternate route.

SpotACop isn't just for avoiding speeding tickets, either. Use it for finding out which weigh scales are open, where the stoplight cams, speed cams, toll booths and police stations are, too. You can even check SpotACop to see how much change you need for the toll.

This application serves uniquely as a community driven data collector. The more people that contribute to it, the more efficient SpotACop becomes. Every time you spot something and add it, you're helping everyone. It's sort of like a fellowship of drivers. The input from other users gives you the information you need to avoid unwanted traffic situations, too.

* See locations of police officers, police stations, stoplight cams, speed cams, toll booths and weigh stations
* Know ahead of time how much you need for that upcoming toll booth
* Find out which side of the highway the weigh station is on
* Easy touch technology
* Community driven data - the information comes from real people, just like you
* See report time - when the cop, etc. was spotted
* Avoid getting tickets

The SpotACop application is sort of like a club for people who want to live ticket and hassle free. With each user sharing what they know, the word is passed to others for that area via drivers checking the app before heading out or while in traffic.

Why wait? Join your fellow club members by downloading SpotACop Basic now. It may be your ticket to a ticket-free life.

What's new in Spot A Cop

Version 2.0:
  • Now includes the new SpotACop Premium Membership access via the \'Busted\' button. ***Sign up for the Premium Membership at and lock in your \"Ticket Free Guarantee\" which reimburses users who receive a speeding ticket, while using the socially networked police locator. Terms and conditions apply - see for details.

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