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29 June 2010

Match the graph (requires iPhone 4 or later).


MatchGraph is an engaging and fun way to develop math and science concepts! Attempt to maximize your score on 4 different challenges by rotating your iPhone to mimic the target graphs on the screen. See how quickly you improve as you learn how to analyze and interpret graphs and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between rotational position and time. See who can get the highest score!

Objective: Rotate your iPhone to produce a graph that matches a target graph as closely as possible. You start with a score of 100, but every time you deviate from the target graph you reduce your score!

How to play: Hold your iPhone in front of you with the screen facing you and the device perpendicular to the floor. Select a target graph from the four options along the bottom. Be careful, the ones to the right are harder! When you\'re ready, press the start button to begin graphing the device\'s rotational motion.

• Rotate the device to the left and right to match the target curve on the screen.
• Counter-clockwise rotations are positive and clockwise rotations are negative.
• The slope of the line is controlled by the rate of rotation.
• The game will automatically stop after 10 seconds.
• Your score is based on how closely your movements match the target graph, 100 is a perfect score.

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