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Shot Logger Pro


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Shot Logger Pro

28 June 2010

Video clip logging tool.


Shot Logger Pro allows users to log video clips on location in order to vastly speed up logging of footage.

Shot Logger Pro will bring order, efficiency and money savings to your film/video productions. Annotate each clip right after it is shot while the details are fresh in your mind, will save countless hours not having to tediously log your footage in FCP and allows you to start editing instantly.

Batch Connect™ will sync the user annotated place holder clips with the corresponding video clips. Connect thousands of clips accurately and in the blink of an eye. Then export all the annotated clips to Final Cut Pro and start editing with a fully organized clip bin.

Real Time Markers™ allow you to place markers in each clip as they happen in real time so you can instantly find the important spots in each clip with no wasted time reviewing the footage. You can also use the Real Time Markers™ to set your media in and out points for each clip, so you are effectively pre-trimming the clips before they are sent to FCP.

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