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03 August 2014

Develop image processing algorithms.


MeVisLab represents a powerful, modular framework for the development of image processing algorithms and visualization and interaction methods, with a special focus on medical imaging.

Besides basic image processing and visualization modules, MeVisLab includes advanced medical imaging algorithms for segmentation, registration, and quantitative morphological and functional image analysis.

The MeVisLab Development Environment

MeVisLab is being developed and used by MeVis Medical Solutions AG and Fraunhofer MEVIS (formerly MeVis Research GmbH) in Bremen, Germany. MeVis Medical Solutions and Fraunhofer MEVIS develop scientific methods and software for computer assistance in medicine in general and radiology in particular, including computer aided diagnosis, therapy planning and monitoring, and computer aided teaching and training.

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What's new in MeVisLab

Version 2.6.1:
  • Added scripting functions MLAB.MEVISLAB_VERSION and MLAB.ML.MLGetVersion.
  • Added scripting method getSeedPointPositionAt to CSO wrapper.
  • The sources for the MLOpenCLKernel1 library are now included in the release.
  • Added source and library files of MLAlgorithmModule to the installer.
  • The splash screen is not shown anymore when MeVisLab or a derived application is installed.
  • Volume rendering in the SoExaminerViewer did not abort early when new input events arrived, which made the rendering of big volume data somewhat unresponsive.
  • Fixed WEMVascularSystem creating 'bumpy' edges or totally missing edges for large images.
  • Fixed that SoView2DAnnotation assumed that a string would not fit in width if (one of) the first lines in a block was empty.
  • Pass on double-click information to an Inventor viewer in the GraphicsView control.
  • Fixed icon drawing with class View2DIcons: The red and blue channels were swapped.
  • Fixed access to preferences variables with ML functions: Only the first access worked, subsequent accesses always returned the same value.
  • Fixed that changing the 'interpolate' field of SoGVRMaskVolume did not update the interpolation immediately.
  • Allow to promote local macro modules to global macro modules with the Macro Module Wizard.
  • Fixed handling of the importPath tag of modules, which led to some small problems with MATE and the debugger.
  • Plugged some memory leaks in ItemModels and CSOs.
  • Pixel Scale Factor for Retina support is now correctly reported from the SoExaminerViewer.
  • Fixed modal session related warnings with dialogs
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08 September 2011
Version: 2.2.1

Most helpful

I tried 3 times to download this file, but it wouldn't open. DiskImageMounter says the file is "not recognized".
08 September 2011
Version: 2.2.1
I tried 3 times to download this file, but it wouldn't open. DiskImageMounter says the file is "not recognized".