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28 February 2011

Work with data from calculation without creating extraneous relationships.


MMQuery... This plug-in provides you with many easy-to-use functions to work with your data from any calculation and without creating any extraneous relationships. You can add, remove, and update tables, fields, and records. Get or Set the value of any field by name. Extract information about fields like name, id, and type. Extract information about layouts like name, id, and what fields are on the layout. Check whether a field, layout, or table exists. List and concatenate information from one or more fields from any table without defining a relationship to that table. We have even provided a function for direct SQL access if you are fluent in SQL.

MMQuery will also run on your FileMaker Server. The Server Edition can be installed on FileMaker Server to be used with Scheduled Scripts and/or FileMaker Server Advanced to be used with Web Publishing. For more information about the Server Edition of MMQuery, please see the ReadMe file included in the MMQuery Server Edition download.

So, if you are ready to have access to your data like never before, download MMQuery today and begin your adventure!

What's new in MMQuery

Version 1.2.0:
  • Plug-in core code has been completely rewritten from the ground up for speed and to take advantage of the latest operating system features.
  • Long-standing issue with Runtimes not closing correctly on Windows has been resolved.
  • The plug-in now requires .NET 3.5 on Windows.
  • Windows plug-in is now much smaller in size.

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