Bitfighter free download for Mac


20 April 2011

2-D multi-player space combat game.


Bitfighter is a free multi-player 2-D space combat game. Features:

  • 8 different game modes (some for team play)
  • configurable space ship (pick out of 6 weapons and 5 abilities)
  • map editor
  • nostalgic vector graphics

What's new in Bitfighter

Version 015:
  • Engineer module -- build turrets and forcefields by grabbing resources; activate with /engf or /engt; only works on levels containing line Specials Engineer
  • Armor module -- makes ship stronger but harder to control; always active, uses no energy (Experimental, may be removed in future version)
  • Upload/download resources (levels, levelgens, and bots) from remote server (if enabled, and you have the password) via cmd line parameters
  • Added /getmap command to allow anyone get a currently playing map, if server enabled it.
  • Bots can be added to levels without nav zones, and the zones will be generated automatically
User Interface
  • Pressing enter now advances to next menu item on most menus
  • Levelgens can be names .lua or .levelgen, and can be stored in either the levels folder or the lua scripts folder
  • Levelgens style scripts can be run from the console with run