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10 June 2010

Graphical IDE for FPC and debugger front-end GDB.


PascalGladiator is a free graphical IDE for FPC (FreePascal compiler) and debugger front-end for GDB (The GNU Project Debugger)

  • Compile universal binaries
  • Go to symbol and files window for quick navigating
  • Pascal typing helpers
  • Class browser
  • Inserting bookmarks into the symbol menu from code
  • Looking up symbols in the reference library
  • Debugger GUI (and HUD display) which supports most common functions
  • Extensible syntax parser which styles project symbols
  • Code completion for project symbols
  • Navigate symbols and object members by contextual clicking
  • Builds application bundles, frameworks, loadable bundles and static/dynamic libraries
  • Drag and drop linking of frameworks and libraries
  • Project based with drag and drop file management
  • Find and replace for single files, projects and folders
  • Programmable macros which can execute UNIX commands
  • Configurable project targets
  • Split-view editor
  • Automatic backup and restore of files
  • Context sensitive spelling checker

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1 Reviews of PascalGladiator

11 June 2010
Version: 0.8

Most helpful

Looks awesome. If only it did Ada too. ;-)
11 June 2010
Version: 0.8
Looks awesome. If only it did Ada too. ;-)