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Relational database software.


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The 4D development environment is a powerful, 21st century application-development platform. The cornerstone of 4D has always been a comprehensive programming language that is both high level and easy to learn. With over 900 different commands, you can use 4D to go beyond simple data management to build custom applications that look great, are easy to maintain, and can scale up to the demands of the largest enterprise. Today, with 4D v14, you benefit from an outstanding platform, fully compliant with all database standards, to design and deploy high-performance software solutions:

  • A native SQL database
  • An integrated development environment that lets you manage every task needed to build and deploy your applications
  • The ability to create cross-platform solutions
  • A Web server integrated with our database engine to let you publish static or dynamic - html pages immediately
  • An open platform that enables your applications to communicate with any other ODBC-compliant database on both internal and external networks
  • Support for standards including SVG, Unicode, XML, SOAP, execution of PHP 5.3 and much, much more.

What's New

Version 17.0:
Bug Fixes
  • The event 'On display detail' is executed before the event 'on load' in a listbox.
  • The code OPEN SETTINGS WINDOW("/Database";True;User settings), running without authorizing user properties, brings an expected error #-10531 with a wrong error text.
  • Structure Editor: Unexpected error -20001 when ordering fields using the arrow buttons in the Index list dialog.
  • Unexpected error #404 when using component method called from 4DACTION.
  • The xml error returned by the command 'SAX Get XML node' contains a negative line value when the referenced node is over MAXINT value.
  • Wrong display when writing a carriage return in a hierarchical list item.
  • Thanks to the command 'String' (with 'ISO Date GMT'), the clock is not correctly taken into account for the Daylight Saving Time.
  • Unexpected empty alert may appear when loading query files.
  • In Form editor, duplicate a column and undo the action lead to a bad redraw of the listbox.
  • Japanese conversion guideline (line under the word) misplaced when method code has multiple lines.
  • Japanese underline is in wrong place when there is too much variable.
  • After re-opening a same database without quitting 4D application, a plugin (4D Write, 4D View) can no more be available from the toolbar.
  • 4D can quit unexpectedly when testing a new menu bar juste created.
  • Hierarchical pop-up changes value unexpectedly when a form window is opened, and then closed in the same process containing the hierarchical pop-up.
  • Executing the command 'CONFIRM' after selecting with the keyboard an item in a popup may quit 4D unexpectedly.
  • Binding Array blob using "SQL Select Into" causes no array population and runtime error.
  • 'EXPAND BLOB' can bring up an error message when expanding a tiny blob compressed with GZIP.
  • Printed picture listbox columns have black backgrounds.
  • Help menu not functional when using the 4D command 'MODIFY SELECTION'.
  • Invisible cursor in a listbox cell because of a Popup window.
  • Impossible to change a listbox column font to the %Password.
  • 'LISTBOX SELECT BREAK' not correctly executed if run in the same method that creates and populates a hierarchical listbox.
  • 'LISTBOX SELECT ROW' could not work when executed within a method launched from the object method of the hierarchical listbox.
  • This code, OPEN SETTINGS WINDOW("/Database";True;User settings), with "Enable User Setting in External File" unchecked lead 4D to quit unexpectedly.
  • Exporting structure in HTML (File : Export : Structure definition to HTML files... ) will export in XML instead.
  • Possible freeze using a Hierarchical drop down placed in an input form of a subform.
  • Same array used in several columns prevents to sort a listbox correctly.
  • In the code editor, the tool tip of the command 'ST SET PLAIN TEXT' ('ST FIXER TEXTE BRUT' in french) is never displayed in french.
  • The 4D command 'IMPORT TEXT' is very slow.
  • Printing can not be correct when "Print Variable Frame" is selected on a field, because of a wrong calculation of object position by 4D.
  • Type ahead in combo boxes is broken.
  • If a first record has moved after sorting a listbox selection, modifying the new first record modifies the previous first record.
  • Unexpected error #-20002 when using Carriage return with 'SVG_NEW_text'.
  • Text areas are too small in Structure inspector for Japanese system localization.
  • In some case the print preview is not displayed on Windows 10 (1607)
  • 4D may crash on specific Sierra system (macOS after clicking into Property List palette of form editor.
  • OCI libraries New installation path ("/usr/local/lib") on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • When scrolling up and down a 4D view area using a trackpad on OS X, the area barely follows scroll swipes.
  • In Full Screen mode, text entered in a 4D View area can unexpectedly disappear (display problem).
  • 4D View 'Advanced Properties' not visible in Properties Palette. The fix is in 4D and 4D View.


  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
  • 4GB minimum RAM, 8GB recommended
  • 1280x1024 min. screen resolution


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