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02 February 2011

Simplifies using your Mac in the car.


StarDrive is an application designed to simplify using a Mac in an automotive setting. Version 1.3 of StarDrive provides easy touchscreen based playback of iTunes media and tuning of AM and FM radio stations using a Griffin radio SHARK 2; future versions will add even more functionality. StarDrive runs full screen on a Mac installed in your vehicle. This can be any Intel based Mac, although a Mac mini is the best choice for most installs. StarDrive is designed to allow for multiple potential media sources and other functions. The current version only provides playback media synced from iTunes and AM/FM Radio, but future versions will add playback from HD Radio and SirriusXM Radio with appropriate hardware. Other future functions include support for hazzard avoidance cameras and proximity sensors, capturing vehicle information via an interface to its OBDII system, GPS navigation, and more.

What's new in StarDrive

Version 1.4.1: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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