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GUI for MaNGOS map extractor.   Free
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MMEGx ... (MaNGOS Map Extractor GUI) is a GUI for the MaNGOS map extractor commandline tool.
What's New
Version 0.9.62:
  • Works on Mac OS X 10.5.x and 32bit machines now
  • Added new option to extract All files instead of maps, dbc's or vmaps
Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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ver. 0.x:
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Schala tipped on 02 Sep 2010
I hate to break it to you, but as of patch 3.1.3 Blizzard's put a mechanic in the client that phones home about the connection to servers, official or otherwise. Unless you plan to play offline, I want to give a friendly warning that you run the risk of a lawsuit.

I'm not a snitch, and I myself am a private server advocate, but recently Blizzard won a case against Alyson Reeves for $88 million in "damages." In that case, her server was public, but even *private* private servers can still get auto-snitched on by WoW clients.
[Version 0.9.62]

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LaughinSKull replied on 28 Oct 2011
What you're saying doesn't make a whole lot of sense...

First off, when it comes to the law, all evidence must be obtained in a legal manner. Blizzard came under heavy fire when their warden system used to scan your entire system memory while WoW was running (thus scanning all applications running alongside WoW). It was meant to be a precaution against hackers, however a lot of questions about "Big Brother", freedom, and whether or not Blizz had the right to do this rised up (Microsoft came under recent scrutiny for monitoring for P2P downloading). Blizz eventually redesigned their warden software to only scan WoW itself.

Fact of the matter is, the World of Warcraft software doesn't "Phone Home" about the connection to servers. I monitor when programs on my computer use the internet and I regulate it, and World of Warcraft never tried to connect to Blizzard (when set up for a private server). It did try to send data to my server, including some logs, but its to my server.

Plus, if Blizzard obtained any information this way, it would be thrown out in court. Remember O.J. Simpson? His lawyer got so much evidence thrown out for silly reasons, and O.J. got away with murder for it. There are commanding officers responsible for the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and they walked in this country, serving three months house arrest and then now live on a nice beach in Florida. Do you think the government cares about your little server? The only way illegally obtained evidence flies is if your committing treason against the U.S.A.

And in the case of Alyson Reeves, the reason he got such a huge fine for the so called "Damages" you speak of, are because he was making money off his server for in-game Microtransactions. He was selling in-game items for real currency, making a profit off of Blizzard's game. Blizzard usually sends a cease-and-desist letter to private servers before pursuing legal action.

Next time, do a little research before you decide to flame on the internet.

Lock commented on 31 Aug 2010
Ok, that explains a lot. Including a 32-bit could be good since 32-bits might be around for a couple of more years. That's entirely up to you though.

Thanks for the response.

[Version 0.9.6]

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burypromote (developer) replied on 01 Sep 2010
ok i tried to compile the extractors on osx 10.5 as 32 bit and it works :)
i'll apply them to the new mmegx next week

Lock commented on 29 Aug 2010
As far as I can tell MMEGx is not working as intended. Tried it on 3 different computers and all seem to get an error "Bad CPU type in executable" but it's hard to tell since MMEGx claims the extraction was successful.
[Version 0.9.6]

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burypromote (developer) replied on 30 Aug 2010
alle extractor builds are 64bit, maybe i should include 32bit builds

Samawowaddict commented on 26 Jun 2010
No I don't have Trinity working on my mac sadly. However I have a VPS running trinity and I need the vmaps for it since I only have a mac at home.
[Version 0.8]


Samawowaddict had trouble on 25 Jun 2010
Would these vmaps work with Trinity? I know trinity and mangos are similar and such.
[Version 0.8]

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burypromote (developer) replied on 26 Jun 2010
yes i think. do you got a working trinity on mac os x?
Orknroll had trouble on 14 Jun 2010
Hi, this version didn't works properly with eMux 6.X, the destination folder is not good.
Best Regards,

[Version 0.8]

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Version Downloads:980
Type:Utilities : Compression
Date:02 Sep 2010
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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MMEGx ... (MaNGOS Map Extractor GUI) is a GUI for the MaNGOS map extractor commandline tool.

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