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28 February 2011

Allows the user to run multiple real-time clocks.


GlobalClockz will allow the user to run multiple real-time clocks. You can run as many as 10 real-time clocks across different time zones simultaneously. You can also set alarm clocks across different time zones. Of course, you could use 10 alarm clocks or 10 Macs instead of running one copy of GlobalClockz.


  • Keep track of the time, date, day of the week at more than 200 major cities around the world.
  • Run as many as 10 real-time clocks with the date and the day of the week across different times zones simultaneously.
  • Keep track of the time at 19 fixed major cities in real time.
  • Set and maintain as many as 10 alarm clocks under different time zones around the world.
  • Find out which city is currently under the daylight saving time. (with Version 1.6.0)
  • Print out the current time at more than 200 major cities. (with Version 1.4.1)
  • Find out the day of the week for a given calendar day.
  • Find out the date and time under one time zone corresponding to a given date and time under another.
  • Find out the time lag between two given time zones.
  • Find out the numbers of hours and days between two time frames. (with Version 1.2.0)
  • Reverse-find as many cities as there are from a list of 203 major cities in the world that fall in a specified date & hour you set. (with Version 1.4.1)

What's new in GlobalClockz

Version 1.7.6:
  • GlobalClockz comes with a new application icon.
  • Some windows are redesigned.
  • The audio gain of the alarm sound is increased.
  • Bug fix: The application could crash when the user closed the main window to quit it.
  • Bug fix: The Set button under World alarms flashed on and off for several seconds after the application started up.
  • Preferences: The application will be forced to restart itself when the user closes the Preferences window.
  • Several other minor changes were done.

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