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12 January 2011

Customer management made easy.


CST2Manage... When we first started selling software products online last June, we didn't know a crucial mistake we were making. We had no software application to manage customer accounts. So we had no organized system to tell if somebody who just bought our product is a returning customer or what he or she may have bought previously, resulting in multiple customer accounts for the same person. How many customers did we have? - we had no wild idea.

We wanted a customer management system that would automatically generate a username and a password, a system that would tell us if a given username or a given e-mail address is taken by an existing customer. We wanted a system that would give us easy access to other applications. Inevitably, we've built a customer account system of our own.

  • Set administrative accounts so that only authorized people can browse customer data.
  • Let CST2Manage automatically backup application data periodically so that you won't suffer from an accidental loss of data.
  • Export customer account data as an XML file.
  • Let CST2Manage automatically generate a username and a password for a new customer account.
  • Let CST2Manage check if there already exists a customer account with a given username or e-mail address.
  • Find out who bought a particular product.
  • Set a DayWatch alarm clock to any customer account so that you will be alarmed when a watch date arrives.
  • Create your own pull-down menu lists.

What's new in CST2Manage

Version 1.3.5:
  • A set of measures is taken to enhance application's compatibility with Snow Leopard.
  • Additional commands are added to the Help menu.
  • The product list will be automatically sorted in an ascending order.
  • Product images are saved in the PNG format to utilize the alpha channel.
  • The user can now create a list (See the tab labeled Blacklist.) to blacklist customers, whose names and e-mail addresses will be automatically screened every time the user goes through the creation of a new customer profile.
  • Other numerous changes and improvements are made.

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