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06 May 2010

Minigames for exercising your brain.


Kitsune Classroom combines six cerebral challenges to give your brain a workout you can enjoy! Whether you want to type faster, improve your memory or practice your mental arithmetic, there is something for you in this slick selection of minigames.

Each of the minigames is simple enough to be described in a single sentence, but challenging enough to give you hours of fun:

  • Typing - type the words and letters before they reach the other side of the screen.
  • Shape & Colour - compare what you see to what you saw... but remember sometimes it's the shape that matters, other times it's the colour.
  • Math - improve your mental arithmetic with this multiple-choice quiz.
  • Sequence Memory - the computer will show you a sequence; repeat the sequence and it gets longer, forget three times and it's game over!
  • Cards - clear the grid by removing matching cards; can you remember where each one is?
  • Apples & Oranges - improve your estimation skills by comparing apples to oranges as many times as you can in two minutes.

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