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30 May 2013

Slow audio and video for rehearsal (beta).


SnakeLoops lets you open up video or audio files and then drag loops on the waveform. Then you can just select any number of loops and then loop them endlessly. More important is that you can change playback rate without affecting the pitch of the sound. Next time you start the app, all the files and their loops are there.

It's also a helper app for anybody who needs to slow down video files. It can open any file that QuickTime supports.

What's new in SnakeLoops

Version 1.01 (015):
  • Lite version has more features and is almost PRO version
  • new: link to online help page. page will be updated.
  • new: scrollbar dragging scrolls the window
  • new: asks to save if needed
  • new: drag-drop checks into file while dragging if it has audio content. otherwise will not let you drop.
  • new: double click on loop name, at sidebar lets you edit name there as well as in graphic editor
  • new: feedback link contains bundle version nr
  • new: the icon
  • fix: save dialog pops up when quitting and loops not saved.
  • fix: small glitches with playhead position.
  • fix: some optimizations
  • fix: scrolling fixes
  • fix: not toggling play button when reaching end
  • fix: small glitches with playhead position
  • fix: crashing from Sparkle "Install and relaunch"

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