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01 July 2010

Songwriting organizer and visual editor.


Xsong is a beautifully designed songwriting organizer and visual editor. It uses the power of your computer\'s GPU to help turn your metal sketches into finished songs.

Stay focused on your song ideas. No more jumping between chord/rhyme dictionaries, audio recorder and midi sequencers. Xsong integrates all these under a simple intuitive environment designed specifically for songwriters. Contrarily to a DAW where looking for a specific idea involves opening one session at a time, Xsong provides access to your whole song portfolio at all time. Xsong is the songwriter partner you wish you always had.

Being organized is half the battle. Just drop your files (text, audio and MIDI) into Xsong to have them automatically tagged and organized using "quick filters" for tempo, subject matter, title, etc. Use virtual "nails" to associate ideas before turning them into complete songs. Nails provide a form of loose association, which is helpful for trying out new ideas on the fly. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

Edit your song using visual songwriting object for song sections (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) chords, rhymes and melodies. The heart of every good song is the interplay between the lyrics, vocal melodies and the chords that supports them. Through its unique "Vox Line" view, Xsong let you work with all these elements together in the same space. This helps you create more memorable songs.

Songwriting is about rewriting. Xsong allows you to save up to 8 rewrites for every song section. For example, for a given verse, you can save rewrites for different genders, languages, subject matters, chord progressions and melodies. Xsong is the only program that supports both musical and textual rewrites. Any top songwriter will tell you: constant rewrites help turn good songs into a remarkable ones.

What's new in Xsong

Version 1.0.5:
  • (feature) Added guitar and keyboard chord diagrams to TextView. Those are printable too.
  • (feature) You can now select which text elements are to appear in the text edit view.
  • (feature) Search field now remembers past search terms, so they you can go back to a previous search.
  • (feature) Now automatically checks for updates during startup. This is an option set in the Preferences panel.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where Search popup and TextView were not synchronized, showing overlapping artifacts.
  • (bug fix) Fixed bug where text view would disappear if the music edit view was scrolled down.

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