Fix-it-up 2 - World Tour
Fix-it-up 2 - World Tour


Fix-it-up 2 - World Tour free download for Mac

Fix-it-up 2 - World Tour

12 March 2011

Upgrade Kate's mansion to it's full glory.


Fix-it-up 2 - World Tour... Kate, the owner of car-repair shops all over U.S.A., is faced with a new challenge: Go abroad! Build car-repair shops anywhere from snowy Canada, to the steaming African jungles; buy cars, fix'em, give'em a painting and they're good to go.

Just be sure to see what the clients want so you can set the price high! Increase the quality of your offers by upgrading buildings and tuning the cars so they don't pollute the environment. Hire the best specialists so you can get cars up and running in no time!

Find out how the fascinating love story of Kate, Steve and Martin ends. Help them in their struggles against a mysterious corporation that is fast on their heels!


  • 54 levels in 18 unique locations around the world
  • Make the cars (over 20 types!) environment-friendly in upgraded workshops
  • Upgrade Kate's mansion to it's full glory
  • Go back to the basics with the original "Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure" !

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