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Convert 3D and image data to a twelve-tone musical scale.   Free
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XYZ MusicLab creates a twelve-tone scale music from three dimensional wireframe objects. You can convert an image data to a three dimensional line drawing in XYZ cube space.
What's New
Version 04:
  • Demo XYZ Music
  • Changed some graphicaI interfaces
  • Draw 3D points have sounds
  • Bug fixed: Undo / Redo
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later

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XYZ MusicLab User Discussion (Write a Review)
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Mrcham commented on 06 May 2010
Why are you guys assuming he's gifted? Converting RGB into sound is as hard as you want it to be. This has nothing to do with Mozartian skills - but creativity!

[Version 04]


Samuel222 commented on 22 Feb 2010
In my view the developer is a very gifted artist. I am judging this from his
another app RGB Music Lab. This one is not so obvious to implement, but
possible - after reading the Help.
Also, one needs to import an image, easy to do after using help. Good
luck (to the developer).
[Version 04]



Legal Eagle reviewed on 19 Feb 2010
An utterly, totally and completely incomprehensible application. And not helped at all by the total absence of any meaningful instructions as to how to use it.
[Version 03]

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Onlooker replied on 21 Feb 2010
Harsh comment. I admit the program does take some puzzling over, but I managed to convert a picture to a music file in about 5 minutes. Quite fun results.

Legal Eagle replied on 21 Feb 2010
Not harsh at all. This program is diabolically complex and is in no way intuitive. For a Developer to produce something so complex with absolutely no "Help" or guidance whatsoever is, in my opinion, just plain daft. Sure - it is easy enough to get it to produce random sounds. But it certainly would be nice to have a clue what all the myriad of controls, buttons, options etc are actually for, and how they are influencing and/or contributing to the final result !! Do YOU understand this application ? I doubt it !!! If you really DO understand it all, perhaps you could give us the benefit of your explanation next time !!!

Legal Eagle replied on 22 Feb 2010
He may well be a brilliant artist !! He may well be a brilliant musician as well !! But what he has created is, at present, an unintelligible piece of software that comes with no USEFUL help. Do YOU understand all the myriad options, parameters, buttons, controls, etc etc ? Or do you simply succeed, (as can anyone), in getting the software to produce random sounds ? Anyone can do that. That much is simple - as is importing a photograph into the application. But the software comes with endless options, parameters etc. Presumably the developer intended and expected that they would be USED. But if one has absolutely NO idea what they actually do, what the parameters even mean, what effect they actually have on the final result etc, then they are of no use and all one is doing is simply mucking around in total darkness producing completely random sounds !! By the way, I am not a novice in the area of music. I play many instruments well, including synthesizers. I really WOULD like to understand this software and get the most out of it. But the developer is really going to need to help a bit !!!

Charnk replied on 07 May 2010
I see from your comment, you have high hopes of creating a beautiful song that is also a majestic 3d object. Hopefully someone will create software that will help you acheive that goal. - Robert Redford & Debra Winger
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Version Downloads:1,146
Type:Multimedia Design : Audio
Date:06 May 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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XYZ MusicLab creates a twelve-tone scale music from three dimensional wireframe objects. You can convert an image data to a three dimensional line drawing in XYZ cube space.

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