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10 August 2010

Two-way Instapaper.com sync for your ebook reader.


Ephemera allows you to read your news on your ebook reader.
Ephemera will comfortably synchronize your ebook reader with Instapaper.com via USB. It works with the Amazon Kindle, Sony readers and pretty much any device capable of reading HTML, Mobipocket or EPUB files.

Two-way Instapaper sync. By default, Ephemera gets your unread Instapaper news as single articles. Read one, delete it on your reader, and during the next sync it\'ll be archived on Instapaper.com.

Plug, Sync & Go. If you want it to, Ephemera will automatically start up, sync, and then unmount your reader when it detects the USB connection. Configure the app once, and then just have it work for you - by simply connecting your reader!

Getting your news in the shortest possible time onto your reader: a great feature when you\'re in a hurry - as most of us are in the morning.

A more affordable Kindle experience.
No Whispernet traffic fees! Especially non-US Kindle users might enjoy that.

What's new in Ephemera

Version 1.3:
  • FIX: Sometimes, articles come back empty; added handling of those cases.
  • FIX: Fixed stalled loading when there are no unread articles.

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