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08 February 2010

Open-source, Objective-C Web framework for Cocoa developers.


Frothkit is an open-source, Objective-C Web framework for Cocoa developers. It enables people who are familiar with iPhone and Mac development to feel at home as they develop scaleable Web applications.

Froth provides point and click build and deployment of Web applications to Amazon\'s EC2 Cloud.

What's new in Froth

Version dp2r60:
  • Fixes sdk installer issue in dp2r47 installers.
  • Fixes issues with some file templates.
  • Adds better support crud actions.
Version dp2r47:
    Platform Changes:
    • For use with new Amazon ami (ami-fb826e92)
    • Updated to lighttpd 1.5.0 (1.5.0snap-r2533)
    • New fmtool (/usr/froth/bin/fmtool) options for starting and stopping webapps
    • New lighttpd configuration method using fmtool -c, eliminating the need for preflight generation of configuration files. Now, configuration details are processed from the webApp\'s Info.plist or Deployments.plist resource.
    Froth Library Changes:
    • Better integration with Xcode by using Xcode\'s \'Platform\' and \'SDK\' interface. The platform SDK is installed at /Developer/Platforms/Froth.platform. This platform SDK is considered frothplatform0.5.
    • Includes FrothKit Xcode docset with installer (For in xcode documentation search).
    • Froth now builds as a framework wrapper rather then a single dynamic library.
    • Fixes issues with NSURLConnection
    • WebRequest -url is depreciated, -uri should be used instead.
    • WebRequest changes to provide better support for custom httpd back-ends
    Foundation (Cocotron) Changes:
    • No longer effects existing Cocotron installations, nor does it require Cocotron to be installed.
    • Fixes broken date issues on linux platforms (untested on other platforms). NSDate, NSDateFormatter, NSTimeZone etc... (Cocotron)
    Known SDK Issues:
    • Xcode source auto-completion for Foundation classes doesn\'t work.
    • Occasional issue where lighttpd does not restart properly after Web app installation
    • Froth\'s Base SDK name shows up as Unknown OS 0.5 under build configurations
    • Froth\'s gcc compiler shows up as its identifier name, and not its display name on Snow Leopard

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