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Junk-O-Magic Pro1.0.5

22 January 2010

Convert audio/movie files, zip folders, unzip archives and make icons.


Junk-O-Magic Pro... Let just one application convert audio/movie files, zip folders, unzip archives, make Mac icons and do more.

Junk-O-Magic Pro consists of 40 independent components. Some of them are ripped of existing applications we have developed. Actually, many of them have been developed just for Junk-O-Magic Pro.

The ultimate intention of Junk-O-Magic Pro should be obvious if you explore it thoroughly. Junk-O-Magic Pro offers batch solutions to many simple and difficult tasks so that you can save time. Whether you want to create a collection of new folders or demux MPEG movie files into sets of audio and video tracks, we make every task simple enough so that you will just have to drag and drop source files and make a few settings. Do it quickly and save time.

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What's new in Junk-O-Magic Pro

Version 1.0.5:
  • Graphics1 > Icon512: 256 x 256 tif image was not correctly created => Fixed
  • DiscImg1 > SplitImg: Resizing the Disc info window caused a problem => Fixed
  • Movie1 > The exported MPEG folder is now correctly named whether imported MPEG file's extension is visible or not.
  • Misc1 > WindowShots is fixed and now functional.
  • Misc1 > DesktopShots is fixed and now functional.
  • Misc1 > DesktopShots: The minimize checkbox is available. If enabled, the application window will hide itself before a snapshot is taken.
  • Drag reorder is possible on components of Audio1, Movie1, DiscImg1
  • Numerous minor fixes have been implemented.

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